To celebrate the launch of MOV exchange protocol, Bytom team hosted an AMA in telegram on April 1st. Bytom CEO Lang Yu answered questions from the community. Q1:What is the relationship between MOV, Bytom and Bystack? If only Bystack, Bytom can build a robust ecosystem so why is it necessary to have MOV protocol? Bytom […]
Microsponsors announced on Mar 17 the launch of a Non Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, in conjunction with liquidity provider 0x Protocol. The new marketplace will allow users to monetize their time and sell them as NFTs. The team will offer the categories of free lancing, podcasts, events, videos, newsletters, art, charity and more. They will also facilitate other projects or teams to start their own marketplaces, using Microsponsors tech. 📢📢📢 is LIVE! Mint & Auction your TIME as NFTs in our new marketplace powered by @0xProject We're launching with Categories for: Freelancing, Podcasts, Events, Videos, Newsletters, Art, Charity and more... Register now:— (@microsponsors) March 17, 2020 Our Auctions have some cool features:- Each time slot NFT has its own Comment thread by @3boxdb - Use the Share Link in your item listings to generate Referral fees in Q2- Our Registry is open data that anyone can integrate into their project or workflow— (@microsponsors) March 17, 2020 What Can Content Creators And Sponsors Do On The Microsponsors Marketplace? The team believes that time is one's greatest asset, hence it shouldn't go to waste, but be monetized. So, users can create and auction time slots for virtually anything they do online. It works by users creating and offering tokens, which represent time slots. They are offered for sale on the platform for bidding and winner can pick up the slot. It can used to monetize podcasts, live streams, videos, newsletters, fee lancing, services etc. The sponsors can take part in the auction and bid for the time slots. They can ask questions from the content creators and service providers, about the time slots. Finally, the auction ends 24 hours, before the time slot goes live. Additional Features Of The Platform The Microsponsors platform is decentralized and permissionless, with the funds being transferred, without a third party, using the famed 0x Protocol. There is no fees for creators or sponsors for registration or offering, however the service charges 1.5% on both sides, once an auction has successfully completed. The referral program will be introduced in the future also, allowing users to earn by referring their friends and acquaintances. The Microsponsors is transparent, fair, secure and tamper proof. The creators are digitally verified using a blockchain registry. Microsponsors© Cryptoticker
The Totle team announced on Mar 19 that they have revamped the Totle Swap interface and have added new features to facilitate users, seeking to trade/swap with ease and convenience across Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The Totle Swap promises the best rates on the market and transparency. For a limited time, the team has announced that they will not charge fees, to promote user interaction and product adoption. 📢 Announcing the new Totle Swap! 🥳🔥🏁🏎 Take advantage of market volatility with Totle's advanced order routing 🔥🏁🏎✅Zero fees✅The best price on the market✅Save big with GasToken✅Faster trades✅Even more assetsWhy trade anywhere else?🤷‍♂️— Totle (@TotleCrypto) March 19, 2020 Simple Integration Of Totle Swap On Any External Source The Totle Swap interface for websites and pages has been simplified with two inputs and a swap button. The users can add the aggregated swap mechanism to their websites, blogs, services etc. without having to go through full API integration, by just copying and pasting a snippet of code. Further, the users can customise which assets are tradeable, earn fees from the swaps and track activity. Totle Interface Will Now Display The Trade Path Used To Swap For the purpose of transparency and giving meaningful information to the users, the Totle interface will now display the trade path chosen to get users, the best rate on the market. The Totle advanced order routing system can split up orders across different exchanges and even perform arbitrage mid trade to improve liquidity and getting the most optimal prices. Totle Interface Now Offers Price Comparison The new revamped interface also features price data through different liquidity providers, with estimated slippages. The users can make better decisions and compare fees savings for different options. Totle Offers Fees Refund Using GasToken All users can now save on fees, using GasToken mechanism, which refunds upto 50 percent of gas costs, when 3 or more Gwei are spent during a swap. List Of DeFi Aggregators Available On Totle The team also published an updated of DeFi aggregators available on Totle. These include. 1. Kyber Network2. Uniswap3. Bancor4. Airswap5. Oasis6. Chai7. EtherDelta8. Compound9. Synthetix10. Set TokenSets11. 0x Protocol12. Curve13. Fulcrum About Totle Totle is a decentralized liquidity aggregator powered by different DeFi products, featuring simple interface and instant swap without counter-parties. It works with the Ethereum blockchain. Totle Swap© Cryptoticker
The President of the United States, Donald Trump, is taking unusual measures to combat the coronavirus. By activating martial law, Trump can now give instructions to private companies. This was now done to force Google to mine Bitcoin. This marks the second time in a week that Trump has made use of the War Economy Act. After unsuccessful negotiations, he recently ordered General Motors to manufacture 100,000 ventilators for overcrowded American hospitals in 100 days. Google and Bitcoin mining The idea to mine bitcoins is nevertheless somewhat unusual and probably arose spontaneously during briefing with the press. When asked by a reporter about how to bear the costs of the corona crisis, Trump answered that he already has some ideas how to reorganize the state budget with "amazing technology" . Trump went on to explain, that he would order Google to mine bitcoin and to do so with "crispy clean energy." He also added: "Google can find anything. Everyone uses Google. I have no doubt Google will search and find bitcoin blocks. I love my Google. I know everyone at Google. Googles computing capacity is huge. Believe me. Its the best." Just last week, Trump surprised everyone by the statement that 1,700 Google engineers are already working on building a coronavirus test website. However, according to media reports, Google knew nothing about this. It can be assumed that once again, Google was not asked. Critical voices from the community and the consequences Shortly after the press briefing, critical voices from within the bitcoin community arose. One part of the community celebrated Trumps' actions as a victory for bitcoin and stated that Trump no longer seemed to trust the U.S. dollar. However, other people did not understand why Trump did not simply order to print U.S. dollars instead. Others see the security of the bitcoin network in danger. Currently it is impossible to predict how much computing capacity Google can free up for Bitcoin mining, since usually specialized hardware has to be used to find Bitcoin blocks. But the sheer size of Google could still lead to a sharp increase in the hash rate in the next few days. With incredibly high hashrates, Google could even take over Bitcoin and drive 51% attacks against Bitcoin. Bitcoin would then be controlled by the United States. We don't want NSA coins! Craig Wright, better known as Satoshi Nakamoto (Founder of Bitcoin) said that he would "not accept NSA coins" and that he might fork Bitcoin to prevent Google from taking over the network. "We cannot allow a few organizations and data centers to control the complete hashrate of a project - this is ridiculous and contradicts the idea of decentralization" Craigh Wright, who needs a wheelbarrow to show of all of his university degrees, also announced that he was on the verge of a medical breakthrough. Eventhough only few people know that he is also a doctor of virology, he is about to produce "a groundbreaking drug against the coronavirus." He announced that the drug would then only be available to buy with Bitcoin SV (a spin-off of Bitcoin). The white paper on this will be published soon. Bitcoin Mining© Cryptoticker
The corona crisis has created a massive demand for toilet paper that can no longer be met by producers. The toilet paper token has displayed a 1000% growth in 24 hours! The Toilet Paper Token (TPT) uses “smut contracts” to trace the total amount of rolls that people have bought, and maintains the account of how many rolls are confirmed. / did not expect this massive increase. Due to the accelerated rise, there was a space-time curve, through which the wave briefly traveled into the past to take a good run-up and then shoot up with a brute force! Toilet Paper goes past BitcoinThis means that the Toilet Paper Token exceeds Ethereum and even Bitcoin! Toilet paper token is now considered as the mother of cryptocurrencies because it has the largest market capitalization. Toilet paper token buyers receive toilet paper every week, depending on how much toilet paper token they stack. The staking algorithm is based on so-called “Dixi” nodes to which you attach your toilet paper tokens. The best thing about it? You no longer have to hoard packs of toilet paper in your parking, but you get a load of freshly wrapped fragrant toilet paper every week. Toilet Paper Token© Cryptoticker
The crypto-enthusiasts were in for a massive treat today, as instant crypto conversion platform ChangeNOW organized an Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. The event was announced on the team’s official twitter and started at 3 PM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). All participants were instructed to ask one question from the Bitcoin’s founder, tag 3 friends and requested to re-tweet the twitter post. The team announced a price worth 0.3 Bitcoin (BTC), to be shared equally among three top questions. In case, the retweets crossed 300, the team pledged to double the price, however it sadly didn’t happen. We're having #AMA w/ Satoshi Nakamoto, $BTC Founder, on April 1st, 3PM UTC 👑⭐️Ask a question, tag 3 friends & RT⭐️Subscribe to⭐️Join 3 questions will share 0.3 #Bitcoin 🏅If this tweet gets 300RT, we will X3 the reward 🏆— ChangeNOW (@ChangeNOW_io) March 31, 2020 Types Of Questions Asked During AMA With Bitcoin Founder Satoshi Nakamoto The public participation though, was legendary. Most of the questions roamed around the fundamentals and people were eager to ask about the 21 million maximum supply limit, the true identity of the Bitcoin founder, viability of Bitcoin’s technology compared to other developed high-speed Alts, ways to solve Bitcoin’s scalability, why hasn’t he spent his stash, what motivated him to create Bitcoin, if there are other people beside him involved in the creation of Bitcoin, what does he think about the progress until now, his opinions on the upcoming halvening, the high energy consumption and economic cost of mining etc. @MarvellCarol @Dwyjaya1 @boy_0420Why Bitcoins created? i mean, why bitcoin have value. Price not stable, can bitcoin will be solution for future?— USERNOTFOUND (@callmesalman_) April 1, 2020 1.When will the glory of bitcoin prices come again? 2. What reason does Satoshi Nakamoto make bitcoin?3. Does bitcoin affect the world financial system?@reivbs @GabrelCx @RetroVenable— Al D. Rhadra (@AlRhadra_3p) April 1, 2020 What do you think, will be the FUTURE of Bitcoin?@ananavarro@TicoEdgardo@RaZach_— Cardo Dalisay (@CardoDa22792557) March 31, 2020 my biggest question is, why did you create bitcoin as a payment protocol all over the world?, thank you, @Daniel_IDCR @aero_xash13 @Sisoel_LFC april mop 🤣— Ridho Fakhri Silaen (@SilaenRidho) April 1, 2020 What is bitcoin meaning ?What are you feel when btc halving only 1 month lefy ?@GTAonlineNews @nfergus @agencypja— Shine (@Shine42262468) April 1, 2020 Bottom Line And of course none of the questions were answered. Happy April fool’s day! Our hats off to the talented and creative team at ChangeNOW for organizing this detailed ruse. A lot of people were fooled, asking questions with a hint of surprise and wondering how the team found the elusive Bitcoin founder. The team played around, posting vague answers and funny Gifs to keep the ball rolling. Eventually, the people figured it out. About Satoshi Nakamoto Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym used by the Bitcoin founder(s), whose identity or any other personal information isn’t known. Despite multiple people claiming to be the Bitcoin founder, the identity of such a person or group of people hasn't been determined with certainty. The stash mined by Satoshi Nakamoto is worth billions, but has never been moved to any other address or attempted to be sold. Satoshi Nakamoto© Cryptoticker
New York has managed to flatten the curve according to a new study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). “There already appears to be sufficient evidence to conclude that... The post New York Has Flattened the Curve Says Study, is This Nearly Over? appeared first on Trustnodes.
Major automotive manufacturer BMW Group announced the planned launch of its blockchain-powered supply chain management solution called “PartChain” on Tuesday. According to the company, PartChain will launch in conjunction with 10 of its suppliers in 2020. BMW intends to use distributed ledger blockchain technology to provide transparency and traceability of components and raw materials used in […] The post BMW announces PartChain supply blockchain for tracking automotive parts appeared first on SiliconANGLE.
Binance Research has published a report that highlights specifics about the effects of the current financial plunge on the world’s financial markets. In the post titled ‘How Has the Recent Market Turmoil Impacted Cryptocurrencies?’, the Binance Research team made a few points about the general performance of the crypto market in the first quarter of […]
While the bears have defended the 20-day EMA aggressively, Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies might witness a minor correction in the next few days
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