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In 10 days bitcoin thrice broke the $10,000 psychological barrier but similarities between bitcoin and Tesla are drawn ever since the American automobile maker’s stock gained 200%, since the beginning of 2020. Recently, Tom Lee, a well known personality in the cryptoverse and co-founder of Fundstrat, also made bitcoin-Tesla comparison at Coingeek conference 2020. Some …
Over the past few hours, Bitcoin (BTC) has started to tank lower once again, reaching $9,350 just an hour or two ago on some exchanges. The asset has since seen a slight bounce, returning to $9,400. This means that in the past 24 hours, the price of the leading cryptocurrency has fallen by 3.25%, crushed after reaching $10,000 on the weekend for just a brief moment. Bitcoin’s weakness comes amid similar weakness in the traditional stock market, with the leading […]
BTSE, a multi-currency digital asset and derivatives exchange, will launch its Liquid Network-powered token sale on March 5
Bitcoin continues to trade below $10k and the probability of a decline has now increased further with the bearish outlook of the stock market becoming more and more clear. Concerns over the Coronavirus outbreak in Europe has taken the markets by storm and we saw the S&P 500 (SPX) close below the 50-day moving exponential moving average for the first time since the beginning of the year. This is a major development and it indicates that we might see a similar reaction in the cryptocurrency market sooner rather than later. BTC/USD has closed below the 50 EMA on the 12H chart but we have yet to see a decisive move to the downside.  The past few days have seen a sharp decline in bullish momentum. We are seeing the market trade sideways as if it is waiting for a major decision. In my opinion, this is the big players trying to keep the price artificially propped up while they cash out. It seems like the Coronavirus outbreak interfered with their plans to keep the sentiment high till halving and they might now be running out of time to maintain the artificial uptrend that they have been trying to defend. The situation could soon get out of hand with the next decline in the stock market. Altcoin pairs like ETH/USD are at a much higher risk of a brutal decline. We have now seen Ethereum invalidate the ascending triangle as it has turned into a symmetrical triangle leading to a decline below it.  Growing concerns over the Coronavirus outbreak is expected to have a major impact on stock markets across the globe. Until recently, governments as well as organizations like the WHO have been trying to pretend as if there is nothing to worry about and it is all under control but now with the sudden outbreaks in Iran and Italy with some cases now being reported in Turkey, it seems that this is no longer an epidemic restricted only to China but a pandemic that has the potential to affect the entire world.  The situation is going to be adverse for world economies as it will lead to more people staying in homes and people would not be able to work. It is also going to be devastating for businesses mainly because Asian countries like China, South Korea and Japan account for most of the global exports. With such a major supply chain interruption, it is illogical to think that the stock market can hold its ground. It would be even more unreasonable to think that during times like these people would actually be thinking of a new all-time high in Bitcoin. 
New Zealand’s new proposed taxation systems considers excluding crypto from certain Goods and Services tax provisions
Warren Buffett is back talking shit about Bitcoin. In a television interview on Monday, the famed investor pledged to never own cryptocurrencies, claiming they “basically have no value.” “You can’t do anything with it except sell it to somebody else,” Buffett told CNBC. “But then that person’s got the problem.” The “Omaha Oracle” then inferred criminal activity to be the primary use-case for cryptocurrencies. So, a logical offset to holding Bitcoin would be shorting suitcases — betting that Big Suitcase fails as money launderers opt to move illicit funds with Bitcoin rather than cash in suitcases, because Scorsese movies are documentaries.… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Bitcoin
The cryptocurrency boom, which started at the end of 2017, turned out to be a complete collapse last year: the bitcoin rate fell by about 80%, for which there were a lot of reasons, the main of which was the artificiality of the price increase due to the rush when many private investors entered the market in an attempt to quickly and "dust-free" to earn. However, experts advise not to rush to bury either cryptocurrencies or blockchain, interest in which world technology corporations are increasingly showing. Cryptocurrencies have been something that since its inception has evoked diametrically opposite assessments and forecasts of sceptics and apologists, from accusations of creating a “financial bubble” to general insanity and expectations of a rise in the Bitcoin exchange rate to 50-100 thousand dollars. True, Bitcoin still managed to reach 20 thousand at the end of 2017, but for a very short time. Last two years were watershed in cryptocurrency valuations. For the year since the beginning of January 2018, the capitalization of the world cryptocurrency market (more than 2 thousand items) fell 6-7 times - from $ 828 billion to 120-140 billion. Bitcoin exchange rate since mid-December 2017, when a maximum of 20 thousand was registered. By January 10, 2019, it fell to 4. The remaining cryptocurrencies (altcoins) suffered an even more sad fate. There are many reasons for the fall of the cryptocurrency rate: natural correction of the price to the market level against the background of general overheating (in truth, the "market" cryptocurrency rate is 0), bitcoin splits (forks), constant scandals involving theft of funds on cryptocurrency exchanges, falsification of transaction volumes by cryptocurrency exchanges, “oppression” of cryptocurrency operations by financial regulators and authorities of different countries, the lack of legislative regulation of cryptocurrencies at the international level as a whole, scandals with fraudulent ІСО, disappointing investors who came to this area in the hope of quick and easy money, and much more. As a result of the above, bitcoin mining became unprofitable, since the costs of mining this cryptocurrency began to exceed its rate. Speculation played a special role in the correction of the entire cryptocurrency market. “The price of the main cryptocurrencies was artificially inflated, and, of course, it was unstable. Therefore, we will not say that everything was lost. The time from mid-2017 to mid-2018 passed under the sign of greed. Naturally, those who came to cryptocurrencies not with ideological considerations, and in order to make money faster here and now, for them everything ended sadly, and we see the expected correction of the market. However, experts advise not to rush to bury the cryptocurrency market. There are definitely prospects. But not all cryptocurrencies. In general, the situation with digital currency is very close to what happened with the dotcoms. The latter in the 90s, just like cryptocurrencies now, have become hype. Internet business then he did only lazy. All this ultimately led to a glut of players and the collapse of dotcoms. But the concept of working through the Internet did not disappear. It just reached a new level,  Finally, let us recall the behavior of the world's largest banks. Such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Barclays. Each of them spoke differently about cryptocurrencies during the year - there were both negative and positive aspects. However, none of these banks completely abandoned the idea of ​​working with cryptocurrencies. Moreover, almost every one of them has some experience in this area.  Moreover, according to the report of the Bank for International Settlements, about 70% of the central banks in the world conduct analytical studies of the possibility of creating state digital currencies, but only a few have begun practical implementation. Sweden and Uruguay have advanced most on this issue.
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Tax agencies across the world needed a lot of time to get up to speed with complexities and new paradigms that crypto brought about with itself. It took them time but they finally got there and shouldn’t be taken casually – just the contrary. As the panic started setting in among crypto traders, as they […]The post Review 2020 – Is This The Leading Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator? appeared first on CaptainAltcoin.
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