So I have discussed stablecoins in general here, Tether in specific here and here, and algorithmic stablecoins here for Basis and here for…Continue reading on Coinmonks »
There is plenty of red across all cryptocurrency and digital asset charts today. This is not entirely abnormal by any means, as Bitcoin dictates the overall momentum. Although the hourly charts show some positive momentum, one market not seeing any improvements is Bitcoin SV. This altcoin is getting beat up from every side as this […] The post Bitcoin SV Drops to $65 Following 12% Drop appeared first on NullTX.
DDEX is a decentralized exchange stack that made a name for itself in the cryptoverse in becoming one of the largest liquidity relayers on the 0x protocol. Now, DDEX’s backers are forking and editing 0x into Hydro, and 0x’s ZRX token is on their chopping block  Also see: In Cryptoeconomy Drawdown, Some EOS Block Producers Feel … Continue reading "Meet Hydro: Large Relayer Forking 0x, Axing ZRX" The post Meet Hydro: Large Relayer Forking 0x, Axing ZRX appeared first on Bitsonline.
XMR/USD Long-term Trend: Bearish Supply zone: $70.00, $80.00, $90.00 Demand zone: $20.00, $10.00, $0.50 XMR long-term outlook remains in a bearish trend. The bullish flag of last week analysis pushed price to $50.22 in the supply area on 9th December before it lost momentum. With the bearish railroad formed after the end of the trading […]
Stellar [XLM] which ranked fourth on the CoinMarketCap until December 14, has slipped to the fifth position. This slip provided the stable coin, Tether [USDT] to take over the fourth position. At the time of press, Stellar was valued at $0.0953 with a market cap $1.8 billion. The coin registered a 24-hour trade volume of […] The post Stellar Lumens [XLM] falls by 8.32%; Tether [USDT] take over fourth position appeared first on AMBCrypto.
IOT/USD Long-term Trend -bearish Supply zone: $0.4000, $0.5000, $0.6000 Demand zone: $0.1000 $0.0800, $0.0600 IOTA continues in a bearish trend in the long-term outlook. The strong bear pressure pushed the cryptocurrency to a new low as the journey down south gathers momentum. $0.2128 was the low of 8th December while $0.2064 in the demand area […]
Bitcoin (BTC) appears to be at the risk of a fall to $3,000 or lower levels. Until recently, the probability of a fall to at least $3,000 seemed likely considering that the price was overbought short term. It appeared as neither the bulls nor the bears were convinced that this was the bottom and the price had to fall lower in order to take a decisive stance. However, soon as Bitcoin (BTC) fell to the 200 Week MA in the last 24 hours, we saw a strong pullback to the upside which has once again tilted the balance in favor of the bulls. This sentiment shift has more to do with the price action on EUR/USD than Bitcoin (BTC) itself. Throughout Bitcoin (BTC)’s trading history, we have seen that whenever EUR/USD rises, Bitcoin (BTC) rises and whenever it falls, Bitcoin (BTC) falls. In other words, Bitcoin (BTC)’s price reacts directly to the movement of EUR/USD. This is only reasonable to expect considering Bitcoin (BTC) is paired to the US Dollar (USD) on most markets. For the past few months, we have seen Bitcoin (BTC) fall sharply towards the end of the week. However, we have reasons to believe that this trend is about to change. If we look at the weekly chart for EUR/USD, we can see that the EURO is following the exact same pattern that it followed between 2004 and 2006. We have referred to this similarity many a time in our previous analyses and it is no surprise that this pattern has followed through down to the letter. The two encircled fractals resemble each other at every stage. Considering that EUR/USD has followed this fractal for the last two years, it is only reasonable to assume that is going to keep on being followed. By that logic, we can expect EUR/USD to begin its climb from next week onwards it has now found support on a historical trend line. As EUR/USD rises, we should see Bitcoin (BTC) react directly and rise in price as well. This is why shorting Bitcoin (BTC) at this point to expect something out of the ordinary is a very risky play. The EUR/USD weekly chart is not the only one to give us clues as what is about to follow next. Bitcoin (BTC)’s own charts indicate that this decline has run its course and we are about to see a major correction to the upside in the weeks ahead. The weekly chart for BTC/USD shows that Bitcoin (BTC) has reached the bottom of its descending channel and is now expected to rise towards the top of the channel. We have reasons to believe that this downtrend is going to be broken during Bitcoin (BTC)’s upcoming rise towards the top of the channel. However, even if that is discounted, we can still expect a major rally from current levels that should see the price climb past $5,000. RSI for BTC/USD is also in the oversold territory and has long been eyeing a reversal from current levels. If we look at this downtrend channel for BTC/USD, we can see that since the correction, Bitcoin (BTC) has only tested the top of the channel once, and that was just last month. The price has now touched the bottom of this channel for the fourth time and is expected to rally from here. Bitcoin (BTC)’s own price action is quite significant in itself but it helps to see what the bulls and bears are actually thinking. The number of shorts has just peaked after reaching a new all time high. Now, it is time for a correction and as we can see on the weekly chart for BTCUSDShorts, the decline has already started. We believe that the number of shorts is going to decline aggressively over the next few weeks that is going to result in a big spike in the price of Bitcoin (BTC). That being said, BTCUSDShorts should not be expected to reach towards the bottom in one go. We expect that it will form a head and shoulders before an inevitable decline around mid 2019.
Despite the bearish market and the falling prices that have been experienced by the crypto space, there have been a few projects in this industry which continued to move on with their developments enjoying great achievements. It’s important to understand that the projects of the companies behind the tokens don’t depend on the coins’ prices … Continue reading "Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Confirms V1.4 Upgrade Scheduled For December 18th" The post Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Confirms V1.4 Upgrade Scheduled For December 18th appeared first on Oracle Times.
The bears may have hit Bitcoin a little harder this time around. And with the current structure of the cryptocurrency market, it seems the grip might be just as strong as it was when the events of the Bitcoin Cash hash war began. Apparently, the bears are doing their best to prove skeptical traders who […] The post Bitcoin slumps to $3200, can BTC still hold strong till the End of December? appeared first on ZyCrypto.
Ripple’s XRP continues to expand as a cryptocurrency for all types of users, proving that it can be beneficial for players beyond the traditional clients within the financial system. In a strategic decision, Travala, one of the most important hotel bookings platforms in the crypto ecosystem added official support for XRP as a payment option. […] The post XRP Now Accepted by Hotel Booking Platform “” appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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