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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, IOTA, Dash, Monero: cryptocurrency rate According to the Coin360 online platform, Bitcoin (BTC) lost 0.29% over the past 24 hours. The price at the time of writing is $7923 per coin. Cryptocurrencies both grow and fall: Bitcoin Cash dropped by 0.89%, the main coin of the day, Bitcoin SV, added a record 52% over the past day, they cost $410 and $103 per coin respectively; Ripple added 0.12% and costs $0.39; EOS fell by 1.1% and its price is $6.2; Litecoin dropped by 0.28% and its price is $90; Cardano increased by 0.95% and its value is $0.083; Stellar lost 6% and costs $0.13; IOTA added 1.75% and its cost is $0.42; Dash increased by 0.65% and its price is $164; Monero added 1.8% and costs $88. Over the past 24 hours, according to the p2pb2b exchange, Ethereum added 0.77%, its price is $255 per coin. The total market capitalization has not changed, it is still $248 billion. Bitcoin accounts for 56.4% of the total. In monetary terms, it is $140 billion. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook:
As we reported in one of our previous articles, continuing its sanctions against China, the United States restricted the use of Google services and the operating system Android on all gadgets of the Chinese electronics giant Huawei. Although it had quite a negative impact on the company, this by no means is going to be its end. Huawei’s management had foreseen the implication of relations between the two countries. Thus, they will soon provide all of their devices with the substitute of Android. According to the report of the local news agency, the alternative OS has been in the making since 2012 and now it is almost ready to use. The Hongmeng OS (earlier known as Kirin OS) is going to come out in the fall of 2019, the spring of 2020 at the latest. The CEO of the Consumer Business Department of Huawei, Richard Yu, mentioned the following characteristics of the new operating system: “It is open to mobile phones, computers, tablets, TVs, cars and smart wearable devices and is also compatible with all Android applications and all web applications. If the Android app is recompiled, running performance is improved by more than 60%.” We would like to remind you: Chinese Customers Supports Huawei Despite The U.S. Ban On Android Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook:
One of the biggest YouTube stars, PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg), collaborates with the blockchain-based live streaming platform DLive. On April, the star signed an exclusive contract with them to promote the platform by streaming on it. Read more: PewDiePie Joined Blockchain-Based Live Streaming Platform DLive The platform has been running for a whole month already, but it has only recently become the biggest hit. When Sweden streamer joined the platform, the number of DLive’s subscribers went up by 67%. The company has not released any specific data that estimates PewDiePie’s impact on the platform, yet we can see it by ourselves. Famous PewDiePie is considered to be the most subscribed Youtuber in the world, he has around 96 million subscribers and this number is constantly growing. In April, he expressed his opinion on his and DLive’s collaboration: “DLive is great for me because I’m treated like a real partner, just like all the other streamers on their unique platforms.” We remind you How Could the Printer Hack in Support of PewDiePie Threaten the Crypto Community? Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook:
The United States government and liberal society have started disputes over using face recognition technologies in the public. The former state that such methods are necessary to catch criminals and prevent acts of terror, while the latter argue that forced surveillance deprives all citizens of their right to private life. The company Amazon found itself in the crossfire. Its tool Rekognition is a powerful image and video analyzing technology that can identify the person’s gender, mood, unsafe objects etc. This solution is in great demand of many governmental bodies. However, a lot of public figures make statements against letting law enforcement agencies use it. The shareholders of Amazon will now have to vote regarding two aspects. Firstly, they will decide whether the company should sell Rekognition to the government. Secondly, the question of whether this tool violates basic human rights will be discussed. Meanwhile, the management of Amazon encourages its shareholders to not vote against selling the technology. “It is a powerful tool… for law enforcement and government agencies to catch criminals, prevent crime, and find missing people.New technology should not be banned or condemned because of its potential misuse,” said the company representative. We remind you: Amazon’s Fake Reviews Boost Tech Products Of Unknown Companies Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook:
Bloomberg posted that ByteDance, a parent company of Chinese viral video platform TikTok, plans to develop a paid music streaming platform. There were some rumours that ByteDance had already developed it back in April since Chinese famous news outlet, South China Morning News, posted a few details on this. It said that about 100 developers were working on it and that it would go live soon. Bloomberg didn’t mention the exact days and territories where the streaming service would work. However, it said that the company would target “mostly poorer countries where paid music services have yet to garner large audiences.” The app will include catalog of songs and videos, yet it will not copy the interface of Apple Music or Spotify. We remind you: Spotify Is Testing Storylines – Its Own Version Of Stories Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook:
On May 21, Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency developers have published a new plan for the development of the blockchain for the coming year. It identifies priority tasks aimed at implementing the network upgrade. Ethereum Foundation will spend $30 million on the development of a virtual currency ecosystem. The budget will be distributed in the following way: $19 million will be spent on the development of the Plasma protocol and the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade; $8 million will be spent on improving the current version of the blockchain; $3 million will remain in the reserve created for training and financial support for developers. The company also compiled a report of work on key projects: Ethereum 2.0. Testing upgrades in Nimbus, Prysm, and Sigma Prime clients have been launched. Employees of the companies are now stabilizing and optimizing their clients, getting ready for multi-client testnets. Ethereum 1.x. This initiative focuses on improving Ethereum’s short term scalability and sustainability. Several development teams run Geth and Solidity projects and regularly release updates for ETH clients. ZK-rollup. Ethereum Foundation supported Barry Whitehat and Matter Labs company which work on realisation of a ZK-rollup concept in Ethereum network, which is designed to increase productivity of the blockchain. ETHGlobal. This platform organizes hackathons around the world to stimulate the development of the Ethereum community. At a recent event, ETHCapeTown, 40% of attendees were new to Ethereum. Scientific researches. Ethereum Foundation hosted three research workshops at Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ethereum Foundation is actively promoting virtual currency. Employees of the organization together with the Microsoft Azure team are working to integrate the Ethereum network into the Visual Studio Code source code editor and the Azure blockchain. Thanks to the company’s cooperation with HTC and Opera, decentralized applications created on the Ethereum network have been added to mobile devices and the Internet browser. We want to remind you: Chainalysis Report: Cryptocurrency Whales Own One-Third of All Ethereum Tokens Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook:
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