Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency have had its fair share of haters over the past few years. But it’s also had a lot of supporters just like the founder of the Mobius Capital Partners and an emerging markets fund manager, Mark Mobius. Mobius said that if Bitcoin is able to continue growing at the rate its at then he would consider investing in the digital asset. Speaking earlier this month, Mobius said that everyone's portfolio should hold ten percent of gold to hedge against the global economy and the performance of the equities market. Speaking whilst in Singapore to Bloomberg last week, Mobius said that in spite of the presence of geopolitical risks as a result of the United States-China dispute, investors should be exploring both stocks and gold. Throughout the interview, Bitcoin was brought up as the hedge fund manager said that the current movement isn’t necessarily viable as a store of value but if it grows it would have to be a buyer and become involved in the market. “I’m not a buyer but I realize that it is something we have to account for. The reason why I am not a buyer is that I don’t know what the real value is and unless it is so widely held and accepted then that’s a different story. Let’s face it: all currencies are based on faith. If you have faith in the dollar or faith in the renminbi or faith in the euro, whatever it is, then you can use it. But the problem with these cryptocurrencies is that it is not that widely used except in a lot of illicit activities. But, at the end of the day, there are many people who do believe in it and if it continues and grows, then I would probably have to be a buyer and be involved in this.” Singapore Mobius is based in Singapore which has proposed a bill to end goods and services tax (GST) on crypto transactions. Some of the currencies mentioned by the bill include Ripple, Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin. The bill states: “A supply of digital payment tokens in exchange for fiat currency or other digital payment tokens will be exempt from GST. Therefore, the supply of such tokens, being an exempt supply, will not contribute to your annual taxable turnover for the determination of your liability for GST registration.”
The state authorities of North Carolina are interested in the possibility of building Hyperloop on its territory. Theoretically, this fundamentally new type of transport can move at a speed of about 1100 km/h. Yesterday, July 12, Virgin Hyperloop One and the North Carolina Transportation Alliance announced the start of research in the region. Note that it still has to take a very long time before Hyperloop becomes a reality. At this stage, Richard Branson’s company is working to certify this technology for transporting people. This is a long process, Virgin Hyperloop One plans to get certified by 2023, and build its first platform by 2029. Recall that in May 2019, Virgin Hyperloop One attracted 172 million dollars. And before that, Branson was negotiating with representatives of the royal family of Saudi Arabia, who wanted to invest in his company about 1 billion US dollars. But after the Saudi Arabia authorities killed Washington Post journalist, the Virgin Hyperloop One refused to cooperate with them. We want to remind: Virgin Galactic Will Be The First Public Company in The Field of Space Tourism
The well-known Bitcoin hater, Nouriel Roubini - AKA Dr Doom - seems to have moved on from the leading cryptocurrency as he is now aiming his hate towards Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency, Libra. Following the announcement of the upcoming stablecoin, Roubini said that Libra is blockchain “blockchain in name only”. Money Grabber On top of this, the New York University economics professor argued that Facebook’s cryptocurrency was only designed as a money grabber for the social network to up profits. He goes on to say that Libra is a “monopoly scam” given that Facebook has billions of users all across the world. Responding to a tweet from CoinDesk, Dr Doom said: “It will start as a private, permissioned, not-trustless, centralized oligopolistic members-only club. So much for calling it "blockchain". Like all "enterprise DLT" it is blockchain in name only and an monopoly to extract massive seignorage from billions of users. A monopoly scam”. In another tweet, the economist warned of Facebook “ridiculous chutzpah” designs. According to him, the social network intends to use Libra to become the central bank of the whole world. In a tweet from last month, Roubini said: “At a time when Big Tech is coming under sharp legislative scrutiny coz of serious anti-trust concerns and all govs, even the US, want to crack down on these monopolies Facebook wants to become the monopolistic Global Fed without even a bank license. What a ridiculous chutzpah!” Before claiming that Facebook was a ‘monopoly scam’ or ‘ridiculous chutzpah’, Dr Doom warned of the risk factor associated with Facebook’s cryptocurrency. Potential users of Libra from the United States might be turned off by a cryptocurrency that’s also linked to relatively unstable currencies from emerging markets, as an example. “Also as FB Coin linked to a basket of currencies there is significant currency risk for users whose main currency is dollar or euro or any other. Most consumers are local and think/pay local and dont want currency risk related to using a coin that is a basket of global currencies”. So will Facebook’s Libra coin just be a cash cow or will it be a respectful project with real long-term goals? Only time will tell but hopefully, it will be the latter. Not only would it bring in some well-needed legitimacy to an emerging industry but it could see an influx of more enthusiasts and investment.
Binance is introducing margin trading for their customers. Data shows that more than 90 percent of traders lose money and it would be worse in crypto. The post Critic: Margin Trading Is Gambling For Suckers appeared first on Ethereum World News.
Bitcoin (BTC) could trade sideways for now but it has already done what it was supposed to do. The price has now formed a double top just like it did at the end of the parabolic advance of late 2017. The price is holding above the 21 day EMA just as it did back then and when it finally breaks below it, we are likely to see it flash crash in the same manner that it did back then. After that it will find support on the 50 Day EMA again and then eventually decline below to fall even below the 200 Day EMA. This will be followed by a relief rally that will face rejection at the 50 Day EMA and then we will see a slow bleed downtrend follow till Bitcoin (BTC)’s next halving in June 2020.  So, why are we so sure about these moves? First of all, BTC/USD has a fondness for repeating history. This happens in others markets too but throughout the history of Bitcoin (BTC), we have seen it repeat the same fractals over and over again while also following similar cycles. If we look at the parabolic advance between December, 2018 and now and compare it with the one in late 2017, we can see strong similarities. The price has also declined in a series of double tops throughout the bear market. Another reason why we expect the downtrend is because BTC/USD is now heavily overbought on larger time frames. Even if we take a look at the daily chart, we can see that the price is primed for a crash soon as the NVT falls below its RMA.  Bitcoin (BTC) bulls have one last chance to save the price before it breaks the parabolic uptrend. Frankly, I do not see a “save” scenario in light of macro-economic, political and financial developments but there could be a “stall” scenario where we might see prolonged sideways movement that could lead some more bulls into thinking that maybe BTC/USD  is just consolidating before it shoots up again. Needless to say, those that expect the price to shoot up to a new all-time high are in for a big surprise.  For all we know, Bitcoin (BTC) might have been an experiment or it may be something that could actually become the one global currency. We do not know that and we should not care if our goal is to make money out of it. In every market, it is more useful to focus more on the technicals than the fundamentals. So, while we do know that Bitcoin (BTC) has a limited supply and it is a wonderful invention that has a real shot at global adoption, let us not let allow such statements to make us oblivious to the overbought technicals. Bitcoin (BTC) may or may not see another bull market, it is premature to say that but what is not premature to say is that the price is long overdue for a major correction to the downside. 
In the cryptocurrency world, there are numerous interesting ventures and solutions to take note of. When it comes to trading platforms and exchanges, the trading fees are often scrutinized first and foremost. Some platforms have come up with a crafty solution, known as negative trading fees. The bigger question is what all of this means and how viable the concept really is.  Establishing Negative Trading Fees On paper, it is only normal for third-party service providers to introduce trading fees. After all, they provide the infrastructure necessary to conduct these trades, as well as custodial solutions for wallets and supported The post 4 Reasons why Negative Trading Fees are Crucial in the Cryptocurrency Industry appeared first on The Merkle Hash.
Apple refused to ban the OurPact parental control application and returned it to the AppStore. This decision put an end to the months-long dispute between Apple and various parental control companies that were affected by Apple’s restrictions. Источник: theverge.comWhen parental control apps were removed from the AppStore, it caused an uproar and disagreement among developers. The fact is that Apple has reclassified OurPact (and similar applications) as unsafe due to the used technology. The problem was that these applications used a suite of tools called MDM or multi-device management, designed to control equipment in the IT environment and in the school environment. According to Apple employees, this suite of tools could carry a potential threat to users, so they decided to remove these applications. After that, a group of application developers for parental control (including OurPact) came together to demand Apple to solve this problem, and it seems they succeed. We want to remind: Apple Updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro
BTC/USDT has been consolidating around $11,000 for 3 days, and its price has gone up to $13,136 early this week. The move indicates a sharp rise could be on the horizon as BTC price continues to trade above Vera band limit, which identifies the upward or downward trend. However, in a complete bullish market, along with the upside trend, there must be several retracement. At the early period of the bullish run, when price retreating back to 120-day line level will be the best time to invest in Bitcoin spot.  Why take 120-day moving average as the basis of trend prediction? Since 2014, 120-day moving average has been an important position in BTC k line trend - a strong support during the bullish run as well as a strong resistance in bearish market.  For example, in 2015’s bear market, it switched to a real bullish run after pulling back and hitting the 120-day moving average for 3 times.  In addition, in the unprecedented bull run in during 2016 - 2017, BTC price also bounced back after retreating to MA120 for 6 times.  2018’s bearish run also started when it struggled to bounce and break above 120-day moving average, but failed.  Let’s take a look at the BTC market trend since March, breaking above 120-day moving average to start the rally. We believe that there will be the first correction in the soon coming future since the bullish run early this year. And it will launch the next bullish run after repeated price shocks and hit the MA120. According to Bexplus analysts prediction, BTC price will step back to the 120-day line at around $8000 - $9000 at the end of July. If you want to invest in Bitcoin spot, it might be the best time.  Bexplus: Take Traders to 100% profitability with XBT futures trading During the massive price swings, many traders are rushing into the xbt futures market for a great opportunity for profits. XBT futures market enables traders to go long or go short BTC price and take advantage of the price fluctuation. Besides, traders can increase their buy power by using leverage. For example, if trader hold 1 BTC at hand and want to buy 100 BTC contracts, he/she can choose 100x leverage xbt futures. Meanwhile, with 1% price up or down, the profits can also be leveraged 100%.  Bexplus is a professional bitcoin futures exchange equipped with bank-grade infrastructure and ultra-fast trading processor. Bexplus provides 100x leverage futures trading for BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS and XRP with no spread charge. With the easy-to-use trading interface, Bexplus also become one of the most popular bitcoin exchanges among beginners in the futures market. Moreover, trading simulator with 10 free btc is available in Bexplus platform to help investors learn more xbt futures trading tricks. 
This week, the world’s largest exchange by trading volume, Binance, launched margin trading. In doing so, it made the elite group of exchanges that offer crypto derivatives less exclusive than it once was. Binance, Kucoin, and Bitmax have all rolled out margin products this year, in a bid to give market leaders Bitmex and Deribit […] The post Binance Adds Margin as Exchange Competition Heats Up appeared first on Bitcoin News .
On July 12, South African payment gateway service Payfast announced the company is dropping bitcoin core (BTC) payments due to network congestion and high fees. Payfast emphasized that BTC has a number of limitations and design flaws which makes it an “impractical substitute for cash.” Also read: G20 Leaders Issue Declaration on Crypto Assets – […] The post South African Payment Gateway Drops BTC Over Fees and Network Congestion appeared first on Bitcoin News .
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