Bitcoin’s Lightning Network has been in the news over the past few months for its widespread adoption and implementation by a majority of mainstream players. Since Bitcoin’s inception, the virtual currency has not really been able to facilitate widespread adoption due to its relatively high transaction fees and significant transaction time of 10 minutes per […] The post Bitcoin [BTC]: Lightning Network sees 830% increase in network capacity over six months appeared first on AMBCrypto.
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Recently, economic data on the U.S. economy has been negative. S&P (SPY) appears to be failing at the 76 percent retracement of the avalanche lower late last year (Figure 1). This could mean U.S. stocks have the potential to fall sharply. After the scary decline last year when SPY and Bitcoin (BTC) fell in tandem,… Read more The post Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), S&P (SPY): Will Equities Impact Crypto? appeared first on Crypto.IQ | Bitcoin and Investment News from Inside Experts You Can Trust.
Bitcoin (BTC) made its third attempt to breakout today and failed miserably as shown by the daily chart for BTC/USD. This rejection was a lot stronger than the one that preceded it. However, the way the price faced rejection when it tested the trend line resistance a few days back was enough to conclude that this rally did not have the momentum to continue before a retracement. We still believe that BTC/USD might make one last move to the upside before the imminent correction that would see the price fall to a new low in 2019. Bitmex CEO, Arthur Hayes recently said that Bitcoin (BTC) could drop to $2,000. While I do not believe the price might end up falling that low, I would not be surprised if it breaks below the 200 week moving average. If the price ends up closing below the 200 Week MA, anything is possible. Considering that Bitcoin (BTC) still has one last move to make to the upside before entering another correction, we should expect that a retracement to the 21 day exponential moving average is imminent in the short term. This retracement is unlikely to be a straight drop and will more likely be a sideways consolidation which will ultimately result in the price touching the 21 Day EMA. This next move is likely to propel Bitcoin (BTC) towards $4,500 but there is a strong probability that the price may not stay there for long as the recent rally has made it clear that the bear trend is not over yet. The RSI and Stochastic RSI have both reached overbought conditions and signal a decline in price over the days and weeks ahead. The bearish resolve has also been terribly weakened as BTCUSDShorts has fallen below a critical trend line support for the first time in more than 14 months. This is a big development that could explain why the bulls are feeling so confident all of a sudden. However, BTCUSDShorts is reluctant to continue trading down the descending channel and may retest the previous trend line support in the near future. That being said, it is clear the bears have had their run same as the bulls did just before the beginning of the bear market. The next drop from here may not be as straightforward and a lot of retail bears may not be able to capitalize on that. The bearish resolve is significantly weakened at this point and the bulls are feeling confident short term, but the whales are running the show. They are going to allow the bulls to fall perfectly in the bull trap over the next few days and weeks after which they are going to pull the plugs. This is likely to catch both the bulls and the bears off-guard, which means a lot of blood will be spilled and the whales will come out as the only victors. However, those that are able to manage risk wisely and accumulate at lower levels without being greedy to margin trade for quick profits might find themselves in the same spot as the whales in the long term.
South Korea’s largest wireless carrier, SK Telecom, is partnering with the world’s fifth largest telecoms firm, Deutsche Telekom, to develop a blockchain-based identification solution
After experiencing a less than favourable year in 2018, the crypto community is left wondering what 2019 will hold for Bitcoin and the gang. Will they drop further or surge near highs of what we saw in 2017? No one knows for sure but here’s hoping we see some big things this year. Investors, traders, entrepreneurs all want to know how the crypto prices will act over the course of the next year. The blockchain expert, Julian Hosp recently wrote an article for Hackernoon looking into this topic and said that he asked himself the same questions for the past four years after he entered the blockchain field in 2014. Let’s take a look at some of the previous years of crypto with how accurate previous predictions were for Bitcoin and altcoins. 2016 Throughout this year, the price was volatile and often shot up and down in a wild fashion with a steady backlash with extreme intraday volatility confused a lot of investors at the time. Hosp said that even though the industry was scared at this time that everything would just crash, he didn’t sell and focused on the long-term gains of what crypto could hold. In addition to this, he said that at the start of 2016, the sentiment in the market was mixed but a lot of the negative players had cashed out. Nevertheless, not many people players replaced them. Even so, Hosp says that it was clear to him that the positive trend would drive on and continue due to the indicators within the crypto space around progress in technology and firms with Bitcoin adoption suggested this for insiders. Hosp’s prediction was for the price of Bitcoin to get between $500-$1,000 for the end of 2016. According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin was priced at $960 on 31st December so Hosp’s prediction was pretty accurate. 2017 2017 was an interesting year for crypto. The Bitcoin halving in 2016 meant that only half as many new Bitcoins came into creation through the mining reward. In 2016, Bitcoin jumped to just under $1,000 and as Hosp says, his assumptions of the strength and potential in Bitcoin has been more than confirmed. Altcoins like Monero and Ethereum just started up in the crypto ecosystem which seemed to have gone quite well and then Hosp doubled his investment. Things that occurred in 2017 made Hosp’s prediction quite difficult though.   “In 2016 we saw the first ICOs on Ethereum. The topic of forks became increasingly important. For the first time since 2014 the press became interested again in Bitcoin.” Hosp says he had the right tendency and everyone who invested with him them made quite a lot of money but his price target was very wrong. By the end of 2017, instead of doubling, Bitcoin saw a twentyfold increase and was worth $20,000 by the end of the year. Even Ethereum saw a big increase up to $1,000 from just $8. It seemed like the world was our oyster but in the year that followed, things didn’t exactly go to plan… 2018 The less said about 2018 the better but even so, everyone was saying that Bitcoin would get jacked and reach $100,000 by the end of the year when in reality it was actually closer $1,000. That’s it, we’d rather not talk about 2018 anymore… 2019 So where do we go from here? There are numerous ways in which the ecosystem could push Bitcoin down quite significantly from the $4,000 mark until the end of 2019.   Regulation If a government declared a ban on cryptocurrency then who knows what would happen. All we do know is that it won’t be good. If a big country like the USA puts a ban on crypto then this will have a huge negative impact on the crypto sphere. There isn’t much point worrying about this though as it is unlikely, but still possible. Market crash Not just in the crypto space but if the economy outside of cryptocurrency crashes, this will have a massive impact on the industry. This is a controversial issue among experts but as Hosp says “I personally can not imagine that such a volatile asset class as cryptocurrencies could be considered a safe haven during a financial meltdown — rather the opposite.” Though, we do often wonder if Bitcoin will begin to shine in the wake of a global financial crash. 2019 Prediction Hosp finished off by giving his end of year price prediction for 2019. The blockchain expert predicts that Bitcoin will be $8,000 by the end of the year. Whereas this isn’t a massively bullish statement it is still a big improvement on what the price of Bitcoin is today. Not to mention that an end of year price of $8,000 would be great! Much better than the continuous downtrend that we saw in 2018.
  Including to commodities or equities, Futures contract is advance trading asset. As the Bitcoin getting more population, the Bitcoin futures has been launched to traders. As this trend has developed, Cyptocurrency Futures will get into the main trading product by the time goes by. Bexplus exchange provide advance Cryptocurrency futures product to cryptocurrency lovers. Bitcoin Futures. Different from the spot market, future market allows traders to trade the contracts which the both counterparties agree that the purchase of the underlying assets with stated price and date happens in the future. The price of Futures contract is usually base to the value of the underlying asset, such as crude, gold or stock. Futures contract has exited for a long time. In 1710, Japan bring out the first futures market—Dojima Rice Exchange. Some people think that prototype of futures market appear in 1750 BCs, the code of Hammurabi already give the right to deliver the goods with a settlement price in the agreed date at the future. When traders are trading in the futures contract, they may consider about the purchase size, the trading date, the settlement date and the buy or sold options. Simply, Futures contracts can be created by two parties which the one seeing the uptrend value of the asset and the other think into the different direction. The futures contract is the agreement of the purchase which means that the actual purchase may finally happen when the contract reach to the expiry. However, at present, traders, especially speculators or hedgers use futures contract to hedge against the risk of their investment or regards as a profitable tool in making money. The Futures contract usually pass through many hands before the expiry date. At present, it is the financial trading tools related to cash rather than the underlying asset. There are some classical forms for investors to hedge against to the adverse value change direction of significant or necessary assets. Here is the simple example to explained these kinds of forms. Tomato is crucial source for Tomato soup, the volatile price Tomato can significantly affect the overall profit of the Tomato soup. We assume that the tomato price is rapidly goes up, the chef who do not wish to lose the profit will buy the 10 long position futures contracts (1contracts represent to 1 tomato) for hedging. Back to the case, if the tomato price is $1 at present and will significant rises to $10 in 3 months, the chef can execute the contract to buy 10 tomato by $1. But the value of the tomatoes become ten times compared to the previous price. In this case, the chef is a buyer of the contract who takes the long position. The counterparty is the seller who takes the short position. The chef is impossible to take the short position because the decline of the price is benefit to him. The speculator has different pursue of the contract. They use the futures contract as the profitable tools. The will judges the direction of the price base to the market information of underlying asset and make money by the price movement. In conclusion: Hedgers take a long position to protect themselves from rising prices and take short position to against the declining prices. Speculators go long because of the expectation of prices rising and go short because of the expectation of prices falling. Bitcoin is ten years old in 2019. Its market cap is steady growth and traders become excited that some cryptocurrency exchange launch futures products. For example, The Bexplus futures exchange. Bexplus Exchange. Bexplus is an advance Bitcoin futures platform. It mission is to provide premium financial services to traders who are interested in Bitcoin Futures. At present, Bexplus Launches perpetual contracts of Bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin with up to 100x leverage. In the future, they will launch more altcoins futures. Bexplus believes that blockchain and cryptocurrency will bring a significant impact on the global financial market. the founding team is consisted by senior blockchain architects, experienced financial traders and Internet professionals. They spent years to build up Bexplus exchange for giving traders a secure and reliable trading environment.     The bexplus trading guide of Futures contract Futures contracts option Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Trading hours 24hours, 7 days a week. minimum volume and maximum volume? All volume is counted after leverage Minimum: Bitcoin futures contract-0.1 Ethereum futures contract-1 Litecoin futures contract-10 Maximum: Bitcoin futures contract-100 Ethereum futures contract-2000 Litecoin futures contract-10000   Adding orders the price will change after you add positions. Calculation formula: Suppose the original cost price is X, and quantity is Y; now positions are added, the cost price becomes A, and quantity becomes B. The formula is as follows: The average cost price C=(X*Y+A*B)/( Y+B)   Last but not the least, come to take the bonus. Bonus Part: Don't forget to Register with invitation code 8y7Xx to acquire a 10% OFF charge fee. Bexplus activities: New upgraded Bonus Activity: Deposit Activity to Earn 100% BTC Cashback To deposit BTC in the Bexplus account, you can earn a 100% BTC bonus, which can also be used to trade futures contracts. The more deposit, the more bonus you will get. You can get up to 10 BTC as a bonus! Read more: Invite Friends to Register to Get 30% Commission Invite friends to register and trade in Bexplus, you can get 30% of your invitees’ transaction fee. In addition, both you and your invitees can enjoy 10% OFF service charge. Read more: Before you trading cryptocurrency futures contract, suggest you understand more about it. You can also try it in the Bexplus trading simulator with 10 BTC preset and enjoy the fun of making a great profit more easily. Follow Bexplus on: Website: Facebook: Telegram: Reddit: For Business cooperation:
After the blockchain company self-reported its unregistered securities offering, it walked away without paying a fine.
Technological progress is moving by quick steps, another record breakthrough has been made in the field of Artificial Intelligence, soon the computer will be 1000 times smarter than a person, etc. Such kind of headlines is often found in many media for several last years. But, unfortunately, or rather, fortunately, we have not seen terminators in real life yet. We decided to understand how things are going in fact in the field of AI and robotics in 2019. Content Is AI dangerous for humanity? What is artificial intelligence without embellishment? The development of robotics Conclusion 1. Is AI dangerous for humanity? There is a rather interesting psychological phenomenon: after multiple repetitions of something, the meaning of this phrase is completely lost. This happened with the phrase “Artificial Intelligence”. The fact is that in our time, the AI ​​is literally everywhere, from adaptive cruise control in the car to some clever spoon. Let’s see what lies under the phrase “Artificial Intelligence”. As you have probably guessed, this phrase is interpreted by the overwhelming majority of people absolutely wrong. Now Artificial Intelligence systems are used in almost all spheres of human activity. Accordingly, there is always a lot of noise and hype on the topic of AI. For example, one of the new invention in 2019, a toothbrush from the company Oral-B called Genius X, which was recently shown at CES-2019. The marketing materials for this product place great emphasis on the fact that this brush has Artificial Intelligence. It sounds beautiful and futuristic, but if you go a little deeper into the subject, it will immediately become clear that the whole genius of this brush is the ability to give feedback. Genius X (using a mobile application) simply informs its owner whether he has brushed his teeth well enough in certain places. The fact is that the brush is equipped with several sensors that help to track parts of the mouth where it is located. This is quite a useful invention, which is more applicable to children, but to say that this brush is equipped with artificial intelligence is not correct. Some representatives of the media, in pursuit of hype, can stick the image of the Terminator on any gadget with AI. Often this leads to misunderstandings and people (especially those who do not understand this topic) begin to interpret the real AI with the version that they know best – the science fiction one. Fortunately, cinema, literature, and numerous pseudo-scientific works add fuel to the fire and make people seriously afraid of the technological Doomsday. We hasten to calm you down, real experts in the field of artificial intelligence say that even if we manage to create an inorganic supermind, then this will not happen very soon. And all that pseudo-scientists use to frighten us is nothing more than products of their imagination. 2. What is Artificial Intelligence without embellishment? So, what does Artificial Intelligence means in 2019? Of course, this technology now plays a key role in the development of the technological progress of mankind. But when it comes to AI, it is meant deep machine learning. This phrase more accurately reveals the principle of operation of this technology. If to say simpler, with the help of machine learning, computers can be trained without human participation. Let’s see how this works in practice. Let`s suppose we need to write a program that will recognize dogs. You can go two ways: manually register all possible filters that relate to the appearance of our four-legged friends; run software training, where the computer will independently view thousands of dog images, find patterns and regularities. The first method is very laborious and less effective since in order to teach the program to recognize dogs, you must manually add millions of different small details. But anyway it’s impossible to take into account all the nuances, that is why the computer can confuse a dog with a wolf in the future. The second method is much more productive. For a certain amount of time, the program will view photos of dogs and find all the small patterns. First, the computer will get it very bad, but over time, it will explore all possible options for the dog’s appearance and learn to differentiate them from other animals with 100% probability. The main advantage of this principle is that the programmer does not need to program the computer manually. Of course, he will have to work a lot, improve the algorithm, but this is not mechanical monotonous work. This program may be the best on the planet to distinguish dogs from other animals, but on the basis of this, it cannot be said that it has a mind. For example, it will never understand why dogs cannot play chess, ride a motorcycle, or design spaceships. So at what stage of development is the technology of Artificial Intelligence now? Many experts say that at the moment we have reached a plateau, but it is worth noting that this does not mean that progress has stopped. On the contrary, deep machine learning is now used almost everywhere, and we, as consumers, see only the top of this technological iceberg. The technology itself is pretty boring and it has nothing to do with the cinematic image of artificial intelligence. At the moment, artificial intelligence – machine learning – is still something new that often remains unexplained or not well understood. But it will become so familiar and mundane in the future, that you will stop noticing it. 3. The development of robotics The vast majority of experts believe that in the matter of distribution, robotics 2019 will reach a fundamentally new level. Recently, we can observe how robots conquer new markets. Previously, robotics was common in the electronics and automotive industries. But literally in 2018, robots began to be actively used in the food, beverage, logistics industries, etc. This can be explained by the fact that robots price began to fall. In the next few years, we will see how Artificial Intelligence robot will become a much more popular worker than a human being, and unfortunately, this will happen in many areas of activity. We want to remind you: Stop & Shop Chain Store is Planning to Launch a Product Delivery by Robotic Stores Called Robomart It should be noted that consumer robots are still far from widespread distribution. Some companies manufacturers of home helpers robots left this market in 2018. Progress is still visible in this segment of the market, but to make the technology to become available to a wider range of people, another 3-5 years must pass. There is one very important problem in robotics in the field of automation of labor, it is connected with the rapid pace of its development. The fact is that many companies are trying to provide the market with very difficult equipment as soon as possible. Safety standards lag far behind the pace of industrial development, and this is alarming for many experts. The security in this area is very important, and the potential error of one manufacturer in the future may discard the development of this industry back for a few years. 4. Conclusion So, as of 2019, the technology of Artificial Intelligence is still very far from “SkyNet” from the Terminator film franchise. It will be more correct to call the AI technology a deep machine learning. A computer does not have its own needs and ambitions; it can study on its own, but only according to an algorithm, defined by a human. Robotics for industrial purposes is developing at a rapid pace, and in 2019, robots will appear in new markets. As for home robots, their large-scale implementation has not yet taken place, but this will become a reality in the next 5 years. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook:
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