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The Secrets to Flourishing in a Bear MarketHistorically, on average, every 3 years, there is a crypto bear market that lasts around 12 months. Bear markets are normal, but they are less frequent than bull markets. For example, two of the worst bear markets in Bitcoin’s history happened in 2014 and 2017, which lasted 59 weeks respectively 52 weeks.HODL CryptocurrencyCrypto bear markets are painful to digest, but if you believe in blockchain technology and its potential to disrupt many industries, there is one simple and effective strategy — aka HODLing. Another more effective strategy is Dollar Cost Averaging, but we will get to this later.HODLing has proven to be the most profitable strategy, yielding massive long-term gains. In simple terms, HODL is an acronym for “hold on for dear life” and refers to the practice of buying a cryptocurrency and holding it, refusing to sell regardless of the market conditions.Sometimes, the best investing strategy is to sit on your hands and let the market do its thing because timing the market is almost impossible. Most of the time, investors are either too soon or too late.As a final thought, make sure you’re only HODLing only crypto projects that are sound and have real applicability with the potential to revolutionize the world.HODLing with Bots (DCA)An even better alternative is to hold while using trading bots. But is this even possible, you may ask? Yes, it is with DCA!DCA stands for Dollar Cost Averaging, and it involves entering into a position and then continuing to buy as it heads lower, thus bringing your average purchase price down.For example, let’s say you bought 0.05 BTC at $50,000. The price then falls to $45,000, and then you triple down on your investment, buying 0.1 BTC, thus bringing your average price down to (($50,000*1)+($45,000*2))/3 = $46,666. The price then continues to fall $40,000 where you again tripple down, bringing your average price to (($50,000*1)+($45,000*2)+($40,000*6))/9 = $42,222.In this case, you could have made a profit when Bitcoin rebounded to almost $45,000. On Cryptohopper, we offer an advanced DCA where you can customize what percentage of your funds you want to use with which DCA and at what levels. You can even manually DCA on a position whenever you want.DCA Advanced TipsWhen using DCA, it is critical to only invest in coins that you are confident will go up again and have proven it in the past, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Conversely, you should be very careful not to use DCA on crypto currencies you are not 100% confident with, as you risk losing all of your funds.What is essential to keep in mind regarding DCA is that you should allocate your funds very well. For example, if you plan on doing DCA four times, you should calculate your initial position size based on this so that you still have funds for the remaining 4 DCAs. If you plan on tripling down and doing 4 DCAs, your initial position can be no more than 1.23% of your account as can be seen below:Initial position = 1.23%1, 2*current position = 2.46%2, 2*current position = 7.38%3, 2*current position = 22.14%4, 2*current position = 66.42%Total = 99.63%As you can see, if you had entered with more than 1.23% of your total account, you wouldn’t have enough money to cover all DCAs. If you use more coins, this value would obviously be even lower.Bottom Line: DCA s a powerful tool that can lead to great results when used correctly. To get the most benefits out of this tool, you should only use it on worthy cryptocurrencies that have proven themselves and calculate the initial position size so that you have enough funds for all DCA entries.Originally published at out our new platform 👉 Secrets to Flourishing in a Bear Market was originally published in The Capital on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
Do you like sports and want to earn money steadily? This opportunity is provided by a reliable bookmaker brand. You can bet with bitcoin on website This option is available to any adult client. An important advantage of this company is that it accepts not only predictions for specific matches but also long-term forecasts […] The post Bet with bitcoin on website 1xBit right now appeared first on CryptoMode.
Fans of the legendary rock star David Bowie are in for a real treat, with the late, but still highly-influential musician all set to be immortalized on the blockchain. That will happen with the launch of a limited edition David Bowie NFT collection going on sale on Starly's decentralized launchpad at the end of the month.  The David Bowie collection is the result of a collaboration between Starly, Melos Studio, which specializes in tokenizing music, the David Bowie Estate and Denis O'Regan, the musician's personal photographer. The aim is to perpetuate Bowie's legacy with the sale of exclusive, never-before-seen images of the singer, songwriter and actor.  Starly said the standard Bowie NFT collection will consist of 21 cards with three rarity classes - however, the launchpad will also provide customized solutions for true visionaries. The unique collection will drop on Starly on January 27 and consist of 12,000 NFTs. Some will be more exclusive than others, with 1x120 Legendary cards available, 3x1,000 Rare cards and 4x2,220 Common cards available at the drop.  All of the NFT's will be sealed before sale, so fans won't know for sure what they're getting. Nonetheless, they're in for a real treat, as Starly promises the NFTs will consist of previously unpublished photos of Bowie as well as numerous audio tracks featuring Bowie's monologs, friendly conversations and even just laughter during many of his rehearsals over the years. The NFTs will also include some unseen backstage videos taken during numerous productions Bowie was involved in over the years.  NFTs are non-fungible tokens used to record ownership of digital assets on the blockchain, giving the owner exclusive rights to that content. What's more, Starly has said it will provide "step-by-step guidance" and "full technical support" for Bowie fans who're new to the concept of NFTs, in order to make the collection accessible for all of his fans.  Starly is an up and coming NFT marketplace that's powered by the Flow blockchain, which is known for being more adaptable and sustainable than better known blockchains such as Ethereum.  Starly Chief Executive Ilja Terebin said the NFT sale is a "cultural action" that intends to keep alive the iconic memory of Bowie. “We are sure that our collectors are going to be thrilled about this exclusive collection, so exclusive in fact that nobody in the public has ever seen the content inside these NFTs," he promised. Starly said the sale represents a unique use case for NFTs, giving the community a way to acquire fresh, previously unavailable content that's intended to preserve Bowie's immortal legacy. It said the offering could well set the stage for future media content sales in the NFT format.  Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
It’s not just your average Joe retail investor who is feeling the crypto cold right now. Ten of the richest crypto billionaires are also feeling the pain of the current crypto cold snap, some of them down more than 50% of their net worth since early November. A Forbes article published just recently today, suggested that ten of the richest individuals in crypto have seen a combined loss in their crypto portfolios of a whopping $27 billion. Of those ten, three of them have lost over 50% since the $69,000 bitcoin top of November 10. With bitcoin, ethereum, and most of the top performing cryptos down at least 50%, this is one of the main reasons for the losses. And it’s not just just the cryptos themselves. Coinbase Global shares have lost 42% since the bitcoin top, down from $328 to $191 at yesterday’s close. This has led to the two billionaire co-founders of Coinbase, CEO Brian Armstrong, and Fred Ehrsam, losing $70 billion between them. The article points out that MicroStrategy’s CEO Michael Saylor has suffered the biggest personal losses so far. His net worth has dropped from $3.1 billion on November 11, to $1.4 billion yesterday, a 55% decline in his fortune.  His company, MicroStrategy, is also down 55% over the same period, and that is despite the tech dominated Nasdaq index being down only 15% over the same time frame. Crypto has suffered the heaviest of all the tech sector. Source: Bloomberg The entire crypto industry has suffered en masse. The combined market cap of cryptocurrency was at nearly $3 trillion before the plunge. Now it is languishing at $1.7 trillion, a 43% loss in just 3 months. While the crypto market appears to have found a bottom, at least for now, the pain may not be over yet. After a bounce upwards from here, some analysts are calling for bitcoin to come back down and test the $30k level. If this is broken then $20k might be the next stop, and some of the billionaires might be so no longer. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
The Bitcoin roller coaster, it's back on the road. Yesterday Monday saw the entire stock and crypto market hurtle downhill at a speed rarely seen. Bitcoin was 20% lower on a weekly basis. The DAX also fell by 3% and the Dow by 4%. Almost none of the values ​​remained green. Then around noon the turnaround. Stocks and cryptocurrencies shot up, markets closed slightly higher. How does the roller coaster continue? And most importantly, should you Buy Cryptos today? Geopolitics Affecting Cryptos - Ukraine, Inflation and Interest rates The political risks surrounding the Ukraine-Russia conflict weigh heavily on the markets. A war right on Europe's doorstep could cause markets to plummet further. In addition to the political risks, there are concerns about a turnaround in interest rates and drastic intervention by the FED to combat inflation. This is around 7% in the USA. Another risk that primarily affects tech stocks. Why does Bitcoin correlate with Tech? Tech stocks generally stutter on interest rates and inflation worries. So far so known. But why don't values ​​like Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies benefit? Shouldn't they be performing right now?In fact, there is a logical reason why tech values ​​and Bitcoin are correlated. The cash flows. Crypto and tech stock investors are mostly the same. This means that those who own tech shares usually also own cryptocurrencies and vice versa. Value, cyclical, and bond investors usually move in other "bubbles". But what does that mean? Total Crypto Market Cap in USD - TradingView The Money Flow Problem When interest rates rise, investors usually turn to less risky investments. There is a shift from tech and crypto to value. In addition, many tech and crypto investors are invested with leverage, mostly through loans. If these loans become more expensive due to rising interest rates, the investors cancel the loans and sell the investments. The result: Bitcoin and tech fall disproportionately. Conclusion: Should I get in now and Buy Cryptos? That is up to you and should be decided according to your own willingness to take risks. At least the next three interest rate increases are already priced into tech and crypto values! The existing uncertainties from the FED could be resolved on Wednesday when the central bank publishes its rate hikes. The Ukraine risk, on the other hand, remains unpredictable. From a purely economic and political point of view, war is unlikely. However, the West's indecisive and in many respects embarrassing behavior is creating uncertainty in the market. The next few weeks could remain restless, but those who invest in the long term could use the entry in the next few days and weeks. If you decide to buy Cryptos, consider solid exchanges like Binance ,  Coinbase ,  Kraken  and  Bitfinex  . Bitcoin Wallstreet© CryptotickerThe post Bitcoin Price Crash and Rebound – Should you Buy Cryptos Today? appeared first on CryptoTicker.
The host of popular crypto channel Coin Bureau is evaluating Ethereum (ETH) after the leading smart contract platform has had a disappointing start to the new year. In a new video, the analyst known as Guy shares his personal thoughts on Ethereum to his 1.9 million YouTube subscribers after the leading smart contract platform lost […] The post Ocean of Capital Could Flow Into Ethereum (ETH) This Year, According to Coin Bureau – Here’s Why appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
Elon Musk’s love for Dogecoin seems never ending. Despite ongoing market crash, Tesla CEO today announced to eat a McDonalds happy meal live on TV if McDonalds accepts Dogecoin as payment. This is not the first time Billionaire entrepreneur is seen promoting Dogecoin publicly. I will eat a happy meal on tv if @McDonalds accepts The post Breaking: Elon Musk Bets McDonalds to Accept Dogecoin (DOGE) As Payment appeared first on CoinGape.
Bitcoin has often been touted to be a non-correlated asset that can be used to diversify risk in an investment portfolio. This may however be changing according to new data. Reuters reports that since 2020, the correlation between Bitcoin and the S&P 500 index (.SPX) has been increasing positively, causing Bitcoin to follow trends in The post Bitcoin’s Positive Correlation With The Stock Market Index Records A Mild Increase appeared first on CoinGape.
Jim Cramer said on Monday that given the technical outlook of both Bitcoin and… The post Jim Cramer: Charts suggest Bitcoin and Ethereum sell-off may be over soon appeared first on Coin Journal.
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