The Lennon Collection series of NFTs includes Paul McCartney's handwritten notes for the Beatles song "Hey Jude."
NFT marketplace OpenSea is reimbursing users who saw their NFTs getting sold below market value due to a UI design issue. The post OpenSea is reimbursing users who sold NFTs below market value due to UI issue appeared first on The Block.
Is the panic over? Bitcoin and Ethereum are recovering from last week's price crash, while some altcoins are positively surging today.
OpenSea is implementing measures to curb a recent attack method that exploits the marketplace’s user interface flaws. According to Elliptic, a user interface issue on OpenSea recently saw over $1M worth of NFTs purchased for very little, then resold at a higher price. At least three individuals exploited this issue and purchased eight NFTs for … Continued The post OpenSea Plans on Reimbursing Victims of Faulty Listing Attacks appeared first on BeInCrypto.
The advent of blockchain has revolutionized the finance sector, introducing several key solutions that narrows the gap between the real world and DeFi. Before now, loans and earning interests on capital were only limited to traditional financial platforms. Thankfully, these solutions have become possible in the DeFi world, thanks to fintech platforms, such as YouHodler. YouHodler is a platform that grants people access to the crypto economy by allowing users to get cash and crypto loans, trade crypto/fiat, and earn interests on crypto deposits. Recently, the DeFi platform announced the addition of ten new coins to its existing cryptos in a bid to diversify its financial services and meet customer’s demands.  The new coins include; Avalanche (AVAX), BitTorrent (BTT), PancakeSwap (CAKE), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), 1inch Network (1INCH), Cosmos (ATOM), Elrond (EGLD), and Filecoin (FIL). While users will be able to trade new coins, they can also earn up to 5.5% interest on Zilliqa (ZIL) and FTX token (FTT). Currently, YouHodler pays interest on BTC, BNB, ETH, HUSD, HT, PAXG, and other listed coins. All tokens are trusted by the users and currently occupy the top 100 positions according to CoinMarketCap.  YouHodler Aims to Ease the Lending and Staking Process DeFi has made it possible to earn on investments through staking and farming, but the overall process has been challenging, especially to new crypto users. In addition, the investor will have to lock two times the initial funds for investment, as they will need both the token and the stablecoin. In addition, the user-friendliness is lacking. New crypto users will find it hard navigating through a platform with complicated U.I. and complex dashboard. What these users need is a DeFi platform with a simplified dashboard that provides all the necessary information and has the tools for the execution of most tasks. The challenges are still immense, and that's what YouHodler aims to ease. The C.E.O IIya Volkov, revealed that a CeDeFi platform, such as YouHodler allows users to benefit from the crypto economy. YouHodler brought up solutions to connect the DeFi world with the real world, enabling users to earn on their crypto investments. They can earn up to 12% APR plus compounding interest on their deposits.  By opening a crypto savings wallet, the user can earn a certain amount on the deposit as stipulated from the first week until the last. The earnings are deposited directly into the user’s account without any inconvenience. Plus, YouHodler provides estimated earnings for the different periods. So, the user can calculate their potential income. Not only can users earn on crypto investments, but they can also buy/sell virtual currencies at any time with credit cards. Additionally, they can exchange virtual crypto, fiat, and stablecoins and get instant cash. Users will also be able to obtain crypto loans, with their assets as collateral. YouHodler accepts the top 30 cryptocurrencies as collateral and the minimum obtainable loan is $100. All funds deposited on the YouHodler’s platform are protected by Ledger Vault and Fireblocks, a leading security Swiss-based company.  Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
Former Goldman Sachs CEO LLoyd Blanfein has admitted his views on cryptocurrencies are “evolving” as the nascent asset class continues to grow and develop. In an interview with CNBC, the former Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs shared his views on the rapidly evolving ecosystem, admitting that, while he can’t predict the future, cryptocurrencies are “happening”.  “It’s lost a lot of value, but at a point where it’s trillions of dollars of value contributing to it and whole ecosystems are growing around it. Of course, we have the benefits of instantaneous transfer and reduction of credit risk and all the benefits of blockchain. “I can’t predict the future, but I think it’s a big thing to be able to predict the present, like, ‘What is happening?’ And I look at the crypto, and it is happening”  The American banker had previously criticised cryptocurrencies, noting in a prior interview with CNBC that “maybe bitcoin is a kind of a bubble”. Despite Bitcoin’s current price correction, Blanfein noted that the trillions of dollars currently being pumped into the market is too large to simply be ignored, adding “I would certainly want to have an oar in that water". Kevin O’Leary, Raoul Paul, and Goldman Sachs recently spoke about Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole, with Goldman Sachs stating that they believe Bitcoin will be making significant gains in the coming few years. Investor Kevin O’Leary added that while he is a proponent of Bitcoin, he believes NFTs have more potential to attract capital because they can be tokenized and used to authenticate digital and even physical assets: “You’re going to see a lot of movement in terms of doing authentication and insurance policies and real estate transfer taxes all online over the next few years, making NFTs a much bigger, more fluid market potentially than just Bitcoin alone.” The Goldman Sachs report published this week, revealed that the investment firm believes that BTC could reach $138,000 within the next five years. Blankfein may no longer form a part of the bank, however his views may mirror that of Goldman Sachs.  Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
The Singapore-based venture capital fund is expected to continue pouring money into Web3 and metaverse startups The post Blockchain Founders Fund Raises $75M to Invest in Web3, Blockchain Startups appeared first on Blockworks.
The United States Congress people may soon stop holding or actively trading crypto while in office after several members of the U.S House of Representatives pushed for a blanket ban on crypto trading among lawmakers. In a January 24 letter addressed to Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. House of Representatives Speaker, and Kelvin McCarthy, the Minority […]
Celebrity and crypto investor Paris Hilton gave out NFTs to audience members during a recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show.”
Startup EarlyBird partners with Gemini to allow users to add BTC, ETH to portfolios The post Parents Can Invest in Crypto for Their Kids Via Startup appeared first on Blockworks.
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