BTC Sessions: UMBREL - How To Use Your Bitcoin and Lightning Node (NEW)

  • Friday, 23 September 2022 14:00
Umbrel is an easy to use Bitcoin full node and lightning node that you can run on a dedicated device at home. The Umbrel app store allows you to download and use tons of great software to use on your home network and up your game as a Bitcoiner. This video will walk you through how to navigate the Umbrel dashboard, connect Bitcoin wallets to your node, basics of opening lightning channels, and how to access everything remotely from anywhere. Open a channel with my node using this connection info: 0250eee8c275a355ad0a48b07014ad4eab473f85c1a07a95a0e74a73dd116209b9@r7bp2ooytgzrac5rqfntzobu3o3pmymjcek4yulthns74opk3b5quaqd.onion:9736 Umbrel Website: Get a pre-built Umbrel BUILDING YOUR NODE: Original Umbrel Tutorial (includes initial setup) Example: RaspiBlitz (includes tutorial for Ride The Lightning) Example: MyNode LIGHTNING LINKS (inbound channels) In-depth Lightning Tutorial (Thunderhub) Amboss Magma Tutorial Lightning Network Plus Tutorial Voltage Flow Tutorial WALLETS USED IN VIDEO Sparrow Zeus Blue Wallet Ledger ? SUPPORT THE SHOW: Shakepay is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin in Canada Sign up now and get $30 free after your first $100 purchase! ALSO search/subscribe to Shakepay on YouTube! LEDN Bitcoin backed loans – get $10 free with a savings balance of $75 or more for 15 consecutive days! Coinkite offers the BEST Bitcoin hardware on the market. Use this link to get 5% off anything in their store: BillFodl: get your wallet backups in solid steel. Bitrefill: use Bitcoin to purchase gift cards Like what you see? BITCOIN TIPS:

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