Roger Ver: Roger Ver on Longevity - Interviews by Brent Nally (Part 1)

  • Saturday, 18 April 2020 16:00
Roger Ver: Roger Ver on Longevity - Interviews by Brent Nally (Part 1) © Roger Ver
Brent’s mission is to drastically improve your life by helping you break bad habits; and, in their place, build and keep new, healthy habits to make you the best version of yourself. Watch Brent Nally’s interview with Roger Ver. All credit goes to Brent Nally. ►Follow his: YouTube channel: Twitter: Instagram: Patreon: Telegram: @brentnally ►Follow his work: Visit: Advocacy foundation: Longevity products and services: Subscribe to the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation YouTube channel to see more interviews with Brent Nally: ►Please consider donating Brent Nally: or via his Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address: qr9gcfv92pzwfwa5hj9sqk3ptcnr5jss2g78n7w6f2 ►Follow Roger Ver: ►Visit Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit the bell "?" icon to get notifications: This video was made on December 15, 2019. Timestamps: 0:38 - Introducing Roger 2:01 - Using technology to improve people's lives 2:12 - Roger became interested in cryptocurrencies to bring more economic growth to the world 2:34 - Roger signed up for Alcor in 1999 4:26 - Ha Long Bay, Vietnam 5:05 - How would you describe Longevity? 6:01 - Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, has donated multi-millions in USD to Dr. Aubrey de Grey's 501(c)3 charity Longevity research company, SENS. Watch Brent's interview with Dr. de Grey here: 6:24 - Roger's Mesenchymal Stem Cells treatment; 8:19 - Roger is investing in a stem cell company based in Antigua 10:22 - Roger believes that he can make money, help people and drive technology forward by investing in Longevity companies 11:22 - The MSCs Roger received in Panama and the MSCs Brent received in Mexico are not currently allowed in the USA 14:16 - Abortion 15:06 - Incentives shape behavior 15:59 - USA healthcare FDA overregulation is driving innovation to other countries 16:24 - Most interesting actionable things people can do to improve their health-span 18:03 - Brent's book review of Why We Sleep by Dr. Matthew Walker 22:44 - Some solutions in life 23:49 - Transhumansim - Ray Kurzweil’s books and works 29:14 - Roger shares human lifespan history perspective & Longevity escape velocity 30:29 - Peter Nygård’s goals for living longer 32:00 - Dying with a bunch of money is not smart 34:39 - Warren Buffett is focusing on Longevity 35:52 - What are good Longevity therapy investments? 36:39 - Brent's Longevity interviews: 37:19 - Telomerase gene therapy 37:57 - Telomeres 38:57 - Cellular theory of aging 39:16 - Human germ cells age much slower than human somatic cells 44:34 - Nootropics - exercising your mind, jiu-jitsu 45:24 - Metformin and global pharmaceutical economics and arbitrage 48:44 - mTOR and intermittent fasting 51:34 - Scientists believe telomeres control genetic expression. So, if telomeres are long, then genes behave young; if telomeres are short, then genes behave old 52:54 - Telomerase activators - Isagenix IsaGenesis; Bill Andrews Defy Time Aging Care Capsules & TA-65 53:17 - Telomerase gene therapy clinical trials 54:14 - Voluntarism 59:56 - Libella Gene Therapeutics 1:00:50 - Roger explains how useful technologies lower in price over time 1:03:06 - On average, ~150,000 people die daily. ~110,00 people die daily from aging. 1:04:58 - “History will probably show 2019 to be the very beginning of stem cells science” 1:05:53 - EmCell - fetal stem cells; Stemaid - embryonic pluripotent stem cells 1:09:10 - “Creating things people want, but don't know how to get..” 1:11:08 - Get huge discounts spending BCH on Amazon: 1:11:39 - Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is fast, cheap and reliable - visit 1:14:13 - Merchant adoption: 1:15:19 - Most people will use things that are affordable or free, and add value to their life 1:18:33 - Health tips - sleep, diet, exercise, positivity and growth thinking 1:21:09 - “Be careful who you follow…” + Pronouncing Roger’s name correctly 1:22:39 - How to connect with Roger (his email) 1:22:39 - Download the wallet! 1:23:17 - We've just scratched the surface on Longevity science 1:24:42 - “You can participate in reality if you're dead” 1:24:52 - Infinite gratitude to Roger!

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