Richard Heart: Richard Heart makes you smart. :)

  • Sunday, 26 April 2020 07:02
Richard Heart: Richard Heart makes you smart. :) © Richard Heart
No KYC. Most exchanges won't let you withdraw crypto for a few days. This solves that. HEX did 57x price in the 108 days! for a 10% bonus when you Free claim or Transform ETH into HEX. HEX is the world's first blockchain time deposit. Marketcap #36 at $183 Million on 3 audits: 2 security, 1 economic theory. Over $1.5 billion in BTC has FreeClaimed HEX so far. HEX has the highest on chain exchange liquidity of any coin other than ETH or stable coins. $12 million on trackable at $3.5-$5M volume a day now. Please subscribe to as this channel doesn't get as much attention since YouTube deletes videos from it randomly. BTC claims made: 177k BTC over 25k addresses. Stakes: 100k+ stakes are active. Average weighted stake length is 4 years. Social: 20k+ users in HEX has been the #1-#5 financial app by user count on Ethereum since launch. The founder, Richard Heart has 100k followers across and Community run sites. Gaming sites: Block explorer: Founded by Richard Heart: Telegram channels: The below aren't promoted much. ERC20 standard compliance means any most ETH wallets can send and receive HEX. Recommended browsers for : Desktop: Chrome or firefox Mobile (android): Firefox metamask addon Mobile (ios): in testflight mode. Press "add to metamask“ every time for the app to connect to the contract. Also don‘t delete every digit when editing gas price or the app will crash. :) Sincerely, Richard Heart Please message at for a fast response.

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