Crypto Tips: Most People Won’t Say This About The Bitcoin Halving Event

  • Thursday, 16 April 2020 19:58
Crypto Tips: Most People Won’t Say This About The Bitcoin Halving Event © Crypto Tips
I DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN PAID REVIEWS OR PROMOTIONS. IF YOU HAVE BEEN APPROACHED BY SOMEONE ON TELEGRAM CLAIMING TO BE A PART OF THE CRYPTO TIPS TEAM, THEY ARE SCAMMERS! Twitter: Instagram: LBRY: LINKS FOR ADDITIONAL READING FOR THIS VIDEO & ALL INFO IN TEXT DOWN BELOW: Video Recommendations: (timestamp 2:50) Deflationary Depression: Livestream: What to Expect After a Crypto Crash: What Happens When BTC Block Rewards Hit ZERO: Bitcoin Halving Countdown: Facts on BTC Halving: I need to preface this video with this disclaimer: I am still bullish on bitcoin for the long term, this video is my effort to bring some awareness to the current reality and how it could very well affect what we know to be true of the Bitcoin halving event. As a quick recap, Bitcoin is designed so that the rewards given to miners of Bitcoin are halved approximately every 4 years- specifically, every 210,000 blocks that are mined. These rewards are newly minted bitcoin and are separate from the transaction fees they are also paid. This halving of rewards effectively makes Bitcoin a deflationary asset with a known supply that is set to reduce by half until there will one day no longer be any new bitcoin created. Since there is value in scarcity, you can see how this can easily attribute to a long term bullish price outlook for Bitcoin (and other cryptos who follow suit). These halving events are very hyped up and for good reason but this time might be different. First of all, once the halving event goes down, there will not be an immediate response in regards to real price movements, even in the best of circumstances, the pricing affects of the halving event don’t typically kick in until at least 2 months after the fact, so for those of you who are considering doing what should be considered the unthinkable like taking out loans or charging your recent bitcoin purchases (that you can’t actually afford) to your credit card thinking that you’ll get that guaranteed return on investment in a very quick turnaround, because the halving event always produces Bitcoin’s next all time high price… I’m sorry to say but I think you need to readjust your expectations. Here’s why: Two words- liquidity crisesI’ve gone in-depth on this topic in my recent videos spotlighting things like deleveraging. If you don’t know what this is or how it will affect you, please take the time to watch this video: and also, I encourage you to check out the livestreams that my husband Toby and I host every Monday at 12pm Eastern, as we delve into what’s happening in the global markets and how this can affect you and how you can prepare accordingly. We’re really looking at a perfect storm here, a deleveraging event that has been long awaited matched with a global shutdown and quarantine that is stopping nearly every business in its tracks, with all signals pointing towards investors looking for liquidity, AKA cashing in their investments. This unprecedented situation of global shut down of trade and job losses is very likely to result in people contracting rather than spreading out their investments. This is a crucial time for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to prove itself as a safe haven. If you’re familiar with this channel at all then you already know how I feel about this cryptocurrency space and how it can be so much better than the fiat system it was designed to make obsolete. Bitcoin’s scheduled deflationary model is a huge contributing factor for this. In fact, in a world of constantly inflating fiat currencies, what could be more of a safe haven than an asset that is hardcoded to be deflationary? Perhaps the timing of this third halving event is just what Bitcoin needs to prove to the world its legitimacy as a safe haven asset. The real beauty here is that it doesn’t matter if “the world” believes it, Bitcoin will continue on regardless.

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