Naomi Brockwell: Does Bitcoin's Fungibility Mean Paying More Taxes?

  • Friday, 11 January 2019 19:14
Naomi Brockwell: Does Bitcoin's Fungibility Mean Paying More Taxes? © Naomi Brockwell
All currencies work as if the tokens of money in circulation are interchangeable with one another. This fungibility means a dollar is always worth another dollar. Bitcoin is no different. However, money can also act like a unique and discrete asset. A coin’s rarity, age, or its easiness to spend can gain or lose it additional value. These opposing sides come into conflict when capital gains tax is applied to a sale of a coin and how a seller must pay a percent of the profits to the government. In this video, I explain how if tax laws assess bitcoin as fungible it could mean paying higher taxes than if it’s a commodity. If you liked this video, please subscribe! Please visit my page on, which is like patreon (and superchat) for crypto! HUGE thank you to all my AMAZING BitBacker AND Patreon supporters! And a GIANT thank you to my sponsors: Nelly's Organics ( Decentranet ( HardFork Entertainment ( Fort Galt ( Horizen [formerly Zencash] ( (Horizen telegram: Thanks for watching!! Leave a comment below and come say hi to me on: Twitter (@NaomiBrockwell) Steemit ( Telegram ( Bitchute ( Podcast: Songs: Freenauts - Third Party Girl BTC: 37xcH3CgPUZNHDnhsihcZprHDdSD2ST8m1 BCH: bitcoincash:qrvq77guzjajf549g727dastmxrf2jsgjsl34rjfg8 Dash: XwdzPHwqVnCpJAnqJHEzxrJyPcBTCGLA2T Zcash (ZEC): t1efmA8uL5AZtrA1C4EBet8kE65zPPnj9eV ETH: 0x7603d2c5C00266D5d155a651840eaa22aef590dA

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