Source: coindesk.comFinally, the Bitcoin price indicator is about to become bullish for the first time since the 2016-2017. The 50-candlestick (MA) moving average on the three-day BTC/USD chart is on a steady upward trajectory and it is expected that this trend will continue in the near future. Experienced traders often call this long-term bull market signal a lagging trend indicator. After all, MA studies are based on historical analysis, so they can only have limited ability to predict asset behavior. But this indicator has already proved its reliability as a bull flag in the past. The last time, MA with 50 and 200 candles appeared on February 3, 2016, after which the price of BTC began to grow rapidly to the level of $20,000 in December 2017. If the story repeats, this indicator confirms that soon we will see another record rally, which will go far beyond the historical maximum. We want to remind: Bitcoin Price Rise to $13,000 And BTC Dominance Sets A Two-Year`s Maximum
Bitcoin (BTC) could fall at least 75% from here. The chances of that happening are higher than they have been before. The parabolic run up that we saw since December, 2018 seems to have come to an end. Bitcoin (BTC) is known for declining in the same manner that it shoots up in. We do not have to go very far in history to see that. This happened just during the parabolic rally of December, 2017. The price declined and erased most of its gain and on top of that it took its time which means there is not going to be another bull market in a long time. Sure, we might see the price bottom around June or July of 2020 but we would still be a long way from the next bull run. If we take a look at the weekly chart, we can see that the NVT indicator is flashing a sell signal. In addition to that, the price is trading in a rising wedge and it remains below a strong trend line support turned resistance. On top of all of that, the price has faced a strong rejection at the 38.2% fib extension level just as it did during the previous cycle. When the price began its downtrend below the 38.2% fib extension level last time, we saw it decline 75.30%. It is pertinent to note though that the price declined 70% prior to that. If we compare the first decline with that of the decline in the ongoing cycle till December, 2018, we can see that it declined more than that this time. BTC/USD declined 83.43% during the first downtrend in this cycle. This means that its second downtrend could also be higher than the second downtrend of the previous cycle which would bring the price close to our target range of $1,200-$1,800. If we take a look at the daily chart for BTC/USD, we can see that it has just broken below a small rising wedge. The trend line support for this wedge could be tested as resistance if the price rises higher but we do not see it happening. The purple line on the chart corresponds to a strong resistance level on the weekly time frame. The price has closed below this level for the past two weeks even though it managed to rise above it before the weekly close. Bitcoin (BTC) is at an extremely vulnerable point. It makes no sense to see why anyone would be buying or holding at current levels expecting further upside. Certainly, the price could rise another 10% or even 20% from here, but is it really worth it? Investing is all about risk/reward and the risk reward here is just not worth it. There are so many catalysts that could bring the price down. There is the Tether/Bitfinex controversy as well as the US government getting ready to crackdown on cryptocurrencies. President Trump recently tweeted criticizing Bitcoin (BTC) among other things. Some people take this as a bullish sign which is completely beyond my comprehension. All it is going to take is shutting down one big exchange like Bitfinex and then the show will be over before anyone can sell. There is nothing wrong with investing in Bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies but we need to be aware of the risks and what the right time to buy and sell is. In every market, the simplest thing to do is to buy low and sell high to make money. If you do the opposite, you will get the opposite results.
What CryptoDaily and Blockchance have in common is a vision of a possible world of tomorrow and the resulting common mission. The mission to cover and empower the Blockchain Economy on a global scale to change the world to a better place. That's why we strengthen each other to maximize our impact and outcome. We unite our smart brains to serve one goal and to work on the really meaningful challenges of our time. The partnership between Blockchance and CryptoDaily includes joint press work, storytelling and community building. CryptoDaily CSO Pascal van Knijjff will talk about this partnership, the future of the media landscape and the future of society at the Blockchance Conference 2019. “One of the main things that makes us excited to wake up each morning, is the fact that we get to encourage and empower the Daily use of Blockchain and CryptoCurrency.We want to make our medium a place where we can amplify the message of like minded people and initiatives. Blockchance is one great example of an initiative that we not only endorse, but also want give prime placement and exposure on our platform” ​said Pascal van Knijff CSO of CryptoDaily. “Fabian’s vision to proliferate the use of Blockchain Technology throughout society and beyond is contagious to say the least, and we’re excited to partner up and keep our audience appraised of some of the exciting things Blockchance is doing” he continued. The First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Peter Tschentscher ,is the patron of the 2019 conference. ​The key topics of the conference are the economic perspectives and social changes brought to us by decentralized database technology. The 2-day Blockchance Conference will bring together IT experts and scientists, entrepreneurs and economists, politicians, networkers and media representatives from all over the world. Further information can be found at: The First Mayor of Hamburg, Peter Tschentscher says:​"The Blockchance Conference 2019 in the Chamber of Commerce brings the international blockchain industry to Hamburg. As a patron, I am pleased to open the event in order to present to the world our Hanseatic city as a digital and innovation location." © 2019, BLOCKCHANCE, Editor: Fabian Friedrich, July 2019, v. 1.0. Subject to alterations and errors. Rights of use free for affiliated partners and media. After being established in 2017, CryptoDaily is one of the fastest growing blockchain and cryptocurrency news sites out there. Not to mention that it is one of the few free to publish media networks throughout the crypto space. “We have been blessed with an unique chance in history. Blockchain technology will disrupt the world like the printing press, the airplane and the internet itself did. It is a unique chance to turn the current course of humanity 180 degrees around towards a decentralized and a more fair distributed world. Blockchain creates trust by design, the code is law and leads us to a new network society - and to a neo democratic world. We love to combine the powers of CryptoDaily and Blockchance to engage together to educate our fellow men about it” Fabian Friedrich, Executive Director at Blockchance, Board of directors at INATBA, Board of Directors at Hanseatic Blockchain Institute sais. BLOCKCHANCE Conference 2019 BLOCKCHANCE UG, Hamburg BLOCKCHANCE organizer: Fabian Friedrich +49 (0) 176 - 61 69 57 71 BLOCKCHANCE Press Relations: Thomas Keup +49 (0) 171 - 4 18 00 84 Fabian Friedrich, Blockchance CEO and the First Myor of Hamburg Dr. Peter Tschentscher About Fabian Friedrich Fabian Friedrich: Sustainability and Technologies When his parents asked him at the age of 8 what he would like to become later, he answered without thinking: "I just want to be happy". Later he added: "I never want to have a boss and have to wear a suit".  He survived his school days thinking about a better world. After school he studied computer science and soon founded the hip hop label "Schmuf Hamburg". Four years later - when nobody bought CDs anymore - he quit and founded his first marketing agency "Esprit de liberté" with a friend. Bitcoins, barfoot shoes und veganizm When his business partner died unexpectedly, he continued with social media marketing alone under the name "Mightymonkey Marketing" and achieved enormous reach in Hamburg, not least through the Facebook portal "Schanzen News" with over 60,000 readers.  After a short break with India travel, meditation and spiritual literature, he discovered bitcoins, barefoot shoes and veganism for himself. So, the "Alohachérie" Christmas Market 2013 was not only the first vegan Christmas market stall in the world to accept Bitcoins. It was also the starting shot for his next venture - Hamburg's first purely vegan gourmet catering. The dawn of a new age In between he also ran two restaurants until he sold the company at the beginning of 2018 in order to completely turn to the Blockchain world and found a Blockchain marketing agency with Skyfi and to establish the brand "BLOCKCHANCE with Conference, Campus & Co. Today more than ever, the 35-year-old from Hamburg is concerned with making the world a little better. The decentralized database technology Blockchain is a great opportunity for this, Fabian knows.  The family man from Hamburg-Reitbrook is a builder, doer and multiplicator who recognizes the signs of the times early on, brings people together and brings exciting opportunities into the world - as at the BLOCKCHANCE Conference Hamburg - with sustainability and technologies. Being part of a community which is not only dreaming of a better world, but working on building it every day. I want to live in a world where everybody can take part. This is my vision of a meaningful life. And the Blockchain technology enables this kind of life.  Blockchain is not just a technical revolution - it's a way for people to get control back. It creates fairness and equality. It supports values like solidarity, closeness and trust. Real participation and democracy can become a reality. What I love about Blockchain is that it has the potential to change the world. It is so powerful and empowering - it's not just changing the way of making businesses. Cryptocurrencies are only the first application running on Blockchain. But the real value is the immutability of data. For the first time in the history of the internet we are able to transfer and own values.  Blockchain offers us an infrastructure to empower new kinds of economy. Economies that promote working together instead of against each other. And I believe we rather need cooperation than competition to save our planet. Katherina Eisenzimmer is working on New Business Development and Sales at Blockchance. And she is the speaker fairy of Blockchance 2019. 
Twitter users will be able to control which comments are visible in the conversations they start. Twitter began to discuss and test this feature in early 2019, but starting from July 15, it will be available to users of Canada. As you can see in the GIF below, now that you are viewing the answers to your tweets, you can select any of them and click on “hide reply”. Note that this feature does not remove the responses from Twitter completely – it simply hides them, but each user can click on the gray icon to view the hidden answers. Source: techcrunch.comExperts say that the current implementation has its disadvantages, for example, this feature provides the ability to hide the critical points of view of other users. But the company claims that they still think about how to improve this function. “By testing in one country we want to get feedback and better understand how this tool can improve before it’s available globally.” We want to remind: Twitter Launched a New Flash Mob that will Help you Remember all the Parenting Tricks
The governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney has recently said that people need to be aware of the problems that Facebook is attempting to fix with its upcoming stablecoin, Libra. Despite the downsides of the project Carney spoke on the recently announced cryptocurrency at the Financial Stability Report press conference earlier this week on 11th July. Carney said: “It’s way too expensive to do domestic payments. It’s way too slow, and that hurts consumers and businesses. It stifles innovation, and it’s far too expensive to send money cross-border, and there are huge financial inclusion issues related to that and costs related to that. So, while we are trying to address all these issues, we have to absolutely acknowledge the problem that they’re trying to solve. And if it’s not this, we’d better have some answers for what else it is.” Despite this, Carney is a big believer that because of the sheer scale of project Libra, it has to be near perfect from the get-go in order for it to be released at all. At least, he means this from a financial security viewpoint. “It’s either successful or it isn’t. If it’s successful, it becomes systemic, because it would involve a very large number of users. And if you’re a systemic payment system, it’s 5-sigma. You have to be on all the time. You can’t have teething issues. You can’t have people losing money out of their wallets … The standards are in a different zip code — to use the American term.” The governor didn’t stop there though as he listed several other problematic areas that Libra needs to address. Some of these issues include “basis risk, rebalancing risk, managing underlying assets, facilitating anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism” are some of the areas that need to be looked into before the stablecoin is launched. Carney isn’t the only government official to comment on Libra with the United States Federal Reserve chairman recently making similar comments on the stablecoin. Jerome Powell said that the reserve doesn’t have “have plenary authority over cryptocurrencies as such,” but he does claim that the reserve still has “significant input into the payment system.”
Kriptode’s and Receive SMS allow for quick and private text messaging through Lightning payments. The post We Used Lightning Payments for Private SMS Messaging: Here’s How It Worked appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.
Ethereum (ETH) remains in a strong downtrend after the recent sell off pressure. This is expected to continue towards our $231 price target. We expect ETH/USD to decline in a head and shoulders formation that is more clearly visible on the daily time frame. The 4H chart shows that the price is declining having topped out. If the 50 EMA crosses below the 200 EMA on the 4H time frame, this will be a very bearish development and we might see the price decline sharply soon after that happens. So far, this downtrend remains intact and there is no hope of a reversal until the price succeeds in breaking past the trend line resistance (shown in turquoise). RSI is recovering from oversold territory but we have to remember that the RSI is just a consequence of the price action and not the other way round. In other words, the price could continue to decline even if its RSI bottoms out and it could keep on rising even if the RSI tops out. None of these indicators and not even the lines on a chart should be interpreted as just that. Together, they give a certain meaning to the whole chart and that is what we need to focus on. We mentioned in our past few analyses that BTC/USD might have topped out. If that is the case, there might be significant further downside to follow, first in the form of a big crash and then a slow bleed downtrend. Conditions are ripe for that crash at the moment as BTC/USD could close below the 21 Day EMA soon anytime soon. The recent bounce in Ethereum (ETH) has got a lot of people excited again. This reminds me of how people kept on hoping for the beginning of a bullish cycle every time the price would recover from a crash back in 2018, when it was in fact nothing more than a slow bleed. Renowned industry leaders like Arthur Hayes and Tone Vays are not confident that altcoins are going to see any relief anytime soon. Bitmex CEO, Arthur Hayes recently said that most altcoin hodlers might keep on waiting to see the price hit the previous highs but that may never happen. While Bitcoin (BTC) could still rise to a new all-time high, the same cannot be said of altcoins. We saw Ethereum split into two after the DAO hack. This led to the original chain (ETC) being left stranded until ETC Dev and IOHK picked it up. They worked on it for a while and now it seems to be back to where it was with nothing much to show. Similarly, Ethereum (ETH) has been outpaced by some of these new blockchain platforms that Ethereum (ETH) is going to find very hard to compete with. The daily chart for ETH/BTC shows that Ethereum (ETH) has broken below a key support level. If the price closes near current levels, all hell is going to break loose and we might see the altcoin market experience a lot of pain in the near future. During the previous bull markets, we saw how once popular coins like Stratis and Waves lost their luster to new coins. This is the way of the world; the new replaces the old. This is truer in this market where people care more about the price than the tech.
Cardano Price Analysis (ADA/USD) ADA/USD pair has taken a bullish rally in the last 24hrs.  The pair’s price has surged up by 3.3%, having moved from $0.0645 to the current price rate of $0.0667 over the previous 24hrs.  ADA was also seen trading on a sideways trend that was confirmed by the horizontal channel.  The […] The post Cardano, Tron and EOS Price Prediction And Analysis For July 12th: ADA, TRX, and EOS appeared first on NullTX.
Cardano Price Analysis (ADA/USD) ADA/USD pair has taken a bullish rally in the last 24hrs.  The pair’s price has surged up by 3.3%, having moved from $0.0645 to the current price rate of $0.0667 over the previous 24hrs.  ADA was also seen trading on a sideways trend that was confirmed by the horizontal channel.  The Relative Strength Index indicator moved up from yesterday’s oversold market territory and is currently at a high of 53.26 that signaled increase-buying pressure.  This also showed that buyers had dominated the market momentum in the last 24hrs.  The resistance level was stood at $0.0669, and The post Cardano, Tron and EOS Price Prediction And Analysis For July 12th: ADA, TRX, and EOS appeared first on The Merkle Hash.
Cardano Price Analysis (ADA/USD) ADA/USD pair has taken a bullish rally in the last 24hrs.  The pair’s price has surged up by 3.3%, having moved from $0.0645 to the current price rate of $0.0667 over the previous 24hrs.  ADA was also seen trading on a sideways trend that was confirmed by the horizontal channel.  The […] The post Cardano, Tron and EOS Price Prediction And Analysis For July 12th: ADA, TRX, and EOS appeared first on CryptoMode.
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