In China, they have created a new startup that is able to scan the imprint of a dog’s nose with an accuracy of 95%. The company Megvii is developing software for recognizing people’s faces, but its employees decided to go even further and expand the capabilities of the technology to recognize pets. Source: the VegreTheir new program, Abacus News is able to recognize dogs by their nose prints (this is like the fingerprints of people, each dog is unique). Anyone can register their pet in the database of the application, simply by taking a picture of his nose from different angles. At the moment, the application has already registered more than 15,000 dogs. It is worth noting that in the past few years, face recognition for animals has become increasingly popular. A similar Finding Rover application in the USA has been running for some time, which helps in finding the missing cats and dogs. We want to remind: Marlin Protocol Got $3 Million To Solve Blockchain Bandwidth Problems
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DON'T FORGET how important BAKKT is for Bitcoin and crypto in general! This is one of the topics in Billy's video. Russia and China are also experimenting with crypto to avoid sanctions. Finally, Billy will follow up on the Wells Fargo news and Bitcoin 2020 that we covered earlier. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit our website: Connect with us on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Telegram: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for the best cryptocurrency wallets? Check these out: BitLox: CoolWallet S: Trezor: Ledger Nano S: KeepKey: Read about them here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- References: #DonaldTrump Just Made #Bitcoin A 2020 Election Issue Study Exposes How Russia, Iran, & China Are Weaponizing Crypto Wells Fargo is Not a Fan of Cryptocurrencies and Bans #Crypto Purchases Crypto Twitter Reminder of how important Bakkt is -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER The information discussed on the Altcoin Buzz YouTube, Altcoin Buzz Ladies YouTube, Altcoin Buzz Podcast or other social media channels including but not limited to Twitter, Telegram chats, Instagram, facebook, website etc is not financial advice. This information is for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only. Any information and advice or investment strategies are thoughts and opinions only, relevant to accepted levels of risk tolerance of the writer, reviewer or narrator and their risk tolerance maybe different than yours. We are not responsible for your losses. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments so please do your due diligence and consult the financial advisor before acting on any information provided. Copyright Altcoin Buzz Pte Ltd. All rights reserved.
As it became known, the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei is going to cut several hundred workers in the United States of America. Recall that in recent months, the company fought with the US government, after the Trump administration imposed a ban on the sale of their products in the United States. The official reason for the ban is a threat to state security in the context of the ongoing US-China trade war. According to the WSJ, Huawei plans to fire employees of the research company Futurewei Technologies, which manages a number of research laboratories. It is reported that some of the company’s employees will be offered to return to China to let them continue working in Huawei. Recall that in May 2019, the administration of the President of the United States issued an order to ban the sale of Huawei products to all American companies. In addition, Huawei can not buy software for their products. At the G20 summit, Trump said that he will ease sanctions against this company, but as of the moment, the situation still has not changed. We want to remind: The U.S. Department of Commerce Said Huawei is Still Blacklisted
A patent for a blockchain payments system has been granted to South Korea’s leading credit card firm Shinhan Card
The big Bitcoin correction has not been unexpected. The mess it has left the rest of the crypto world in, however, is still being questioned. The altcoin apocalypse has deepened this Monday morning as double digit losses are flashing red across the boards today. Crypto Markets Hemorrhage $50 Billion In a weekend long selloff cryptocurrency... The post Altcoin Apocalypse Continues as Crypto Winter Threatens to Return appeared first on NewsBTC.
Pharmeum have a working product that is already in use! The problem Today, it is not easy for you to travel from any country/city and access border-less Healthcare. The issue here arises in the lack of trust with the patient's access to Healthcare across the globe, but what if a trust-less form of technology was used? Medical errors were reported to account for the third largest cause of death by the British Medical Journal in 2016. Wrongful prescription of medicines attributed to 70% of errors alone.  Paying the increasing cost of medicines and treatment is becoming a huge burden for patients and with many of these medicines and treatments actually saving lives, we are at an extremely critical turning point and something needs to be done in order to change this dynamic. The Prescription process is outdated and inefficient and means that patients have to queue for their medicines and also must spend time and energy chasing repeat prescriptions. How can such antiquated methods be tolerated in our digital high tech society? Patient health is left in the hands of a doctor who is almost certainly incredibly busy and therefore the chance that he might make an error or oversight is high. Early detection and diagnosis of possible life-threatening conditions is hit and miss and is reliant once again on a healthcare professional getting it right every time —will this always be a high probability? Finally, high on the list of ‘other’ problems, we have the thorny issue of data security. Believe it or not, health records are more prized by hackers than even credit card numbers. Social security numbers and personal addresses in health records have far greater longevity than credit card numbers and so can be used to apply for credit cards or circumvent anti-fraud measures. Health care institutions do not have the same level of security as banks and therefore they are far more vulnerable to targeting and exploitation. The solution Pharmeum has built the first private blockchain solution, incorporating artificial intelligence, enabling them to put patients at the centre of the healthcare system, and for the first time, giving them a real say in how their data is managed. With the Pharmeum platform, patients will have full control over their data, even to the extent of giving permission for their data to be analysed and by whom. The Pharmeum Smart Network (PSN) is a friction-less ecosystem, given that it is paperless and that timely information on a patient’s prescription is sent to all interested parties as soon as the doctor has prescribed treatment. Thereby connecting hospitals, insurance, pharmacies and patients under one network. Cost efficiencies are made in this way which knocks on to the price of the prescription. Also, by way of a mobile app, the patient is able to see all the pharmacies in close proximity and view just how much their prescription costs in each one, allowing them to choose the most cost-effective one ‘anywhere’ they happen to be in the world, as well as see how delivery prices compare. All processes on the Pharmeum platform are instantaneous, whether that be the sending of the prescription, the payment or when the patient grants data access to a particular health care entity. Cryptographic storage enables a patient’s entire medical history to be safely stored whilst being easily and securely accessible when necessary. Where patient health is concerned speed and security are of the essence and it seems Pharmeum has this covered. Another element that really gives Pharmeum the edge over competitors is its use of artificial intelligence (AI) married to the blockchain, creating the Pharmeum Brain. Consistent analysis of patient data over time using AI deep learning algorithms means that unusual patterns in the data can be spotted early which can forewarn of the beginnings of a medical problem. The system then alerts the doctor or pharmacist who can contact the patient right away for remedial treatment. The AI technology also works in the background while a doctor is prescribing and authorising medication use. Given just how busy doctors are and how they may be working on several prescriptions at once, AI can detect an incorrect prescription based on a patient’s health history and can alert the doctors, allowing them to review the particular flagged subscriptions. Given the necessity for huge scalability, with the sheer number of patients to be served in a health system project like Pharmeum, the actual choice of the blockchain platform is extremely important. Hyperledger Fabric is just right for this project because it can provide an enterprise-grade blockchain network capable of more than 1000 transactions per second. Private channels enable patient privacy and security. IBM, Intel and Cisco have adopted Hyperledger, which also makes it an extremely stable and well-backed platform. Adoption Pharmeum is not just a blockchain blueprint with lofty ideals. Serious traction is taking place, which began with BluePatient, a project that trialled successfully with the NHS during Q2 of 2018. The fact that Pharmeum was able to trial its product with such an important institution speaks volumes for the perceived trust and potential of the platform. A MVP (minimum viable product) was developed in Q4 2018 and now the live platform is currently being trialled in the UK, a working platform even before the PHARM token is offered at IEO in Q3 this year. The PHARM token will act as the very first universal healthcare token, enabling borderless access and payment of medical costs. Recently, at the end of May, Pharmeum, in the person of CEO Zain Rana, attended the Malta Blockchain Summit. Here Pharmeum was recognised as a pioneer in AI and Blockchain implementation. After being shortlisted, Pharmeum eventually achieved the rank of 3rd in the list of Top AI Projects of 2019. Pharmeum can be the first to use a permissioned blockchain to store patient medical data and prescriptions. Their use of the PHARM token as a friction-less payment medium can revolutionise how medicines are paid for. In addition, their plan to put patients at the centre of their own health care, giving them choice and cheaper prescriptions should make Pharmeum a strong contender to lead global health systems into the future. Disclaimer: This article should in no way be taken as financial advice or as encouragment to invest in any particular asset or company. All those wishing to invest in the crypto market should do their own research or use the services of a fully certified financial adviser.
The merchant advisor to Litecoin Foundation Jonny Moore is noting how Litecoin, Bitcoin and other digital assets could become more stable for use on everyday purchases. In a new video, Moore said: “A lot of people say, Jonny, Bitcoin is never going to be a good payment system because it’s too volatile. That’s why we need Libra coin. That’s why we need stablecoins, they say. Guys, we’ve already solved this problem.” For those that don’t know, in order to use cryptocurrencies like Litecoin for everyday purchases and to get merchants onboard by accepting digital assets as a payment method, Moore goes onto explain how point-of-sale platforms use software that can settle crypto transactions in an instant, converting Bitcoin, Litecoin and more into fiat as soon as the merchant finalises the sale. You can see Moore’s full video tweet here. The solution bridges old money with new crypto assets by giving people the ability to spend crypto in the real world whilst they also enable merchants to receive dollars, removing the need for concerns in regards to exposure to Bitcoin and the consistent volatility that is standard with cryptocurrencies. Moore says that software Aliant Payments is one of the several firms that address the use of crypto as regular cash. “Guys, it’s simple. It locks in the price at the time of sale. There’s no volatility at all for the business. So this argument of Bitcoin or Litecoin isn’t good for payments because it’s too volatile or it’s not stable – well, they’re a great candidate to use Aliant’s crypto gateway because they don’t want to keep the Bitcoin or Litecoin. They want a stable price.” “Aliant Payments is the one that partnered up with the Litecoin Foundation with the Miami Dolphins deal, bringing Litecoin as the official cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins.” With the new partnership between the NFL team and the cryptocurrency, sports fans will be able to use Litecoin to buy tickets for events. “What they’ve developed is huge. This cuts out the need for Libra coin, for stablecoins. You can hold your own private keys, a decentralized coin, and spend it when you want to spend it on stuff.”
American entrepreneur and vocal crypto advocate John McAfee has doubled down on his $1 million by 2020 prediction for Bitcoin
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As we reported during the weekend, the market has come under fire. Virtually all cryptocurrencies have been recording losses for more than 48 hours. While some analysts remain optimistic and state that this is merely a correction that will see the market come back stronger, for some investors, panic is setting in. For Ethereum investors, […] The post Ethereum Price Heads Below $200 As Weekend Losses Extend To New Week appeared first on ZyCrypto.
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