Elite Mining Inc, being comprised of veterans in the crypto industry, has been made aware that there are those that try and use our name to perpetuate a scam on those unsuspecting. Unfortunately, in the growing crypto industry, there are those that would prey upon others in unscrupulous fashion, taking advantage of their hopes to create a better future for themselves through investment in blockchain technology and the new markets blockchain has created. As a company its, unfortunately, a common problem that there are people that claim they are part of our company (or even a company in general) to ask for 'investment' and offering a ‘great deal' to potential victims. In order to try and combat these practices we have decided to put out this statement: Elite Mining Inc, is a USA based company, that is offering fully regulated and registered equity through our STO. This means that in order to invest with Elite Mining Inc you have to adhere to regulatory rules and follow a clearly outlined system. Under no circumstances will we in any way offer special deals or promise any scheduled returns. At Elite Mining we offer the opportunity to become a shareholder (owning equity in the company), which can only be done through our official website: https://elitemininginc.com/ , following the required steps. Including AML and KYC procedures, with the current procedure being a 'pledge' form that can be filled in to reserve a spot for our security token offering.  We are not a cloud miner and we do not offer retail mining contracts.  Be aware of scammers, not just with us but with everyone in the industry. When an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is and always check the official website and social media channels. Be aware that scammers might use social media that we as a company don't use (for example we don't use WhatsApp) and that under no circumstances we will contact you to ask for money or personal details or to offer you any kind of deal. Be safe and check out our website for the correct and only official method to become a shareholder in Elite Mining Inc and grow with us!
Skepticism about the social network's push into cryptocurrency is one of the few things that government leaders around the world agree on.
Bitcoin believer, John McAfee is on his stronger tone of $1Million bitcoin bet. Despite the declining value of Bitcoin, McAfee states that “he has never [...] The post Amidst Crypto Market Crashing, John McAfee Speaks on His $1Mln Bitcoin Bet appeared first on Coingape.
Ethereum (ETH) declined below the 50 Week EMA and ended up closing just above the 21 Week EMA. The price is currently below the 21 Week EMA but we expect it to climb back above it sometime soon as the price could still trade within the large bear flag seen on the chart. This bear flag is the catalyst that will bring the price down to a new yearly low after we see a break below the ascending channel. RSI for ETH/USD shows that the price has topped out on the weekly time frame but that’s not all. If we take a look at the momentum indicator, we can see that it has just retraced after facing rejection at the top and has now turned bearish. This bearish momentum might see the price decline all the way towards till the end of the year and most likely until June, 2020. Heavy drawdown in altcoins during the recent past has proved that this is one of the worst times in history to be in altcoins. Bitcoin (BTC) dominance is going up and it is likely to keep on shooting up. We mentioned in some of our analyses that when the market takes a turn for the downside, a lot of these altcoins are going to break key support levels against Bitcoin (BTC). That is exactly what has happened now and ETH/BTC has blown key support levels and is practically in free fall now. When Bitcoin (BTC) begins its fall towards $3,000 and ultimately below it, altcoins will get crushed badly. There is still time to get out of altcoins like Ethereum (ETH) but a lot of people are not going to heed the warnings. It is too tempting to buy the dip after the recent crashes, yes but the question to ask is, “What are you buying the dips of?” Is this some rare element that is only available in limited quantities? Is it a stock with great fundamentals that you wouldn’t mind holding if the market crashes? The answer to most of these questions is no because everyone knows far too well that most of these cryptocurrencies are still in early stages and there is a good chance that most of them may not see new all-time highs. We have experienced this much pain in the altcoin market even when BTC/USD has not even declined below the 50 Day EMA yet. Imagine the pain inflicted on altcoins when Bitcoin (BTC) falls below $6,000 and ultimately below $3,000. Those that are still trying to get out might have a chance to do so because ETH/USD is expected to break past the 38.2% fib retracement level if it closes the day above the 200 Day EMA which seems very likely. It is hard to say that the price might end up rallying towards $300 again but it could rise towards $243 or the 61.8% fib retracement level. If that level is breached then we might see ETH/USD shoot up towards the 127.2% fib retracement level at $285.9. This is going to be a sign of short term relief in the market but it should not be confused for a trend reversal.
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Recording of the talk by Justin Moon from Buidlbootcamp, at MCC2019 on Sunday 12th of May in New York.
Bitcoin Finds Support at $10,000… For Now Bitcoin (BTC) has been absolutely slammed over the past five days. Since passing above $13,000 for the second time this year on Wednesday, the cryptocurrency has been on a... The post Bitcoin Bounces Off $10,000, BTC Could Rally Further: Analysts appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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We have quite an unusual article today as we start by taking you back to a time before Bitcoin, in 1969 when Neil Armstrong became the first man to land on the moon in the Apollo 11 alongside Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. This is considered one of the greatest achievements of mankind, even to this day, almost half a century after Armstrong took that first step onto Tranquility Base and the lunar surface. Now you may have heard people say that the technology they had in 1969 was less than what is in our smartphones today, which is very true.  The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) was the main computer for controlling the navigation and path for the now illustrious event. The latest iPhone processor is estimated to run at about 2490MHz over 100,000 times more than the Apollo 11’s which performed operations at around 0.043 MHz. Fast forward to today, a team of computer historians have recently got their hands on one of the original AGCs and managed to bring it back to life. One of the team members, Ken Shirriff has decided to see if the computer could be used for more modern means, mining Bitcoin. The process will involve generating trillions of random numerical sequences until the right one is found, which results in a block being successfully mined. Shirriff succeeded in getting the AGC to run a Bitcoin mining program but he said that it would take “4×10^23” seconds on average for it to actually find a block. Now according to the Mirror, this is about a billion times as long as the whole age of the universe, which is believed to be 13.8 billion years old according to scientists. In other words, it would take longer than a hundred generations to mine a single block of Bitcoin. In a blog post, Shirriff said: "The Apollo program cost 25.4 billion dollars as of 1973, equivalent to about 150 billion dollars today.  The current market cap of Bitcoin is 200 billion dollars, so if NASA had been mining Bitcoins, they could have paid for the whole Apollo program and still had money left over. One flaw in this plan is the Apollo Guidance Computer's low performance, since mining a block would take much more than the lifetime of the universe."
In a few months, Americans will engage in the largest democratic exercise in the western world when hundreds of millions are to choose their president and the leader of the... The post Joe Biden, The Bitcoin Candidate? appeared first on Trustnodes.
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