More crypto users can now walk into their local grocery store and purchase cryptocurrencies, thanks to the expansion of a partnership between Bitcoin ATM operator Coinme and coin-cashing machine purveyor Coinstar.The expansion, announced in a press release, means that bitcoin will be available for purchase at over 2,200 locations in 21 states and the District of Columbia. The partnership began in early 2019 and grew to offer bitcoin purchases at kiosks in 19 states in late April.Specifically, the kiosks allow users to enter their phone numbers and deposit cash in exchange for bitcoin redemption codes, which can be redeemed on Coinme’s website with an account. Users can purchase up to $2,500 worth at a time and are subject to a 4 percent flat fee. This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.
The founder of defunct cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia, which entered liquidation following a hack in January 2019, has launched a new exchange called Assetylene.The LinkedIn employment history for the founder of the failed New Zealand exchange, Adam Clark, indicates that he’s been working on Assetylene since September 2018, which is also when the exchange’s Twitter account went live. With fewer than 100 followers, the account is billed as representing “New Zealand’s most advanced crypto-currency exchange [sic].”Once a highly prominent exchange in New Zealand, Cryptopia lost nearly 10 percent of its entire liquidity in a hack earlier this year. Attempts to salvage the business ultimately failed. On May 15, 2019, its liquidators formally announced that the company was defunct. At the time of this writing, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Cryptopia’s assets are still circulating in an easily tracked manner.Seeing as Cryptopia did not fully close until May 2019, and Assetylene’s date of founding is listed in the preceding September, it may be that Clark had moved on to this new business well before Cryptopia’s collapse began. However, there’s also reason to believe that Clark set up the new exchange quickly, after Cryptopia’s hack had already occurred.For one, an archived copy of the Assetylene site shows that it is based on the TradeSatoshi platform, which can set up exchanges within minutes. Furthermore, Clark’s own LinkedIn shows that he was TradeSatoshi’s senior software development engineer when Assetylene was first set up. More damningly, Assetylene has zero liquidity, is not listed on CoinMarketCap and its about page is empty with no trading data found on the site.Assetylene may very well become a full-fledged exchange with time. However, given the time period that it has apparently remained inactive while Cryptopia was still viable and its current insufficiency, the jury’s still out. This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.
Crypto trading has always entailed a blend of skill and good fortune, but in the frothy markets of 2019, that weighting is skewed heavily in favor of the latter. Fundamentals go out the window when there’s a surety that the latest token is going to pump at any moment. For traders with a low timeframe […] The post The Cryptocurrency Market Has Become a Casino appeared first on Bitcoin News .
Blog posts are coming out today validating our idea from yesterday that legacy financial markets and banks may be headed for a “black swan” event. A black swan is market slang for a big negative event that comes out of nowhere. Three pieces caught our eye this morning. One article briefly mentions that Chinese President… Read more The post Bitcoin (BTC), Nasdaq 100 (QQQ), and VIX: Pricing in War? appeared first on Crypto.IQ | Bitcoin and Investment News from Inside Experts You Can Trust.
AT&T Accepts Bitcoin So, it seems that the global adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) is already well on its way. Announced on Thursday, telecom giant AT&T will be accepting Bitcoin through BitPay, meaning that the firm... The post Breaking: Bitcoin Now Accepted by Telecom Giant AT&T appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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The cryptoverse seems to be on a roller coaster ride as the market witnessed high fluctuation. The 24-hour market volume for BTC, at press time, stood at $25.1 billion, with the market cap at $134.6 billion. LTC’s 24-hour market volume was $3.6 billion and the market cap amounted to $5.3 billion. 1 Day BTC chart […] The post Bitcoin [BTC] and Litecoin [LTC] Price Analysis: Bears take advantage as market momentum stalls appeared first on AMBCrypto.
Bitcoin is still seriously trying to hit the $8,000 mark and has been unsuccessful at it. Not only has it been unable to get above the price mark, but the price also dropped much lower than the near $8k price and directly caused a crash in the entire crypto market capitalization. In less than 24 […] The post Bitcoin Drags Altcoins Down, Causing a $12 Billion Loss in The Market appeared first on ZyCrypto.
Bitcoin (BTC) ranging Brian Kelly says his fund is hoarding BTC ahead of next year’s halving It’s a sea of red in the top-10 and Bitcoin is down 4.8 percent from last week’s close. However, that doesn’t imply weakness because Brian Kelly, a crypto fund manager, says many are hoarding in expectation of 2020 scarcity.... The post Bitcoin (BTC) Will Easily Recover Ahead of Halving, Manager Confident appeared first on NewsBTC.
The Phenomenal Track Record of Project Listing of This Rising Platform. (, the digital asset trading platform built by a group of Wall Street quant veterans last year, announced listing of DREP project on May 17, 2019. DREP market price increased by approximately 75% within 4 days, even before officially enabled DREP trading.... The post DREP Increased by 75% After Listing Announcement on appeared first on NewsBTC.
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