Bitcoin (BTC) stand as the most valuable in the space draws is laddened with expectations. Now Pompliano says after halving, investors will FOMO. The post Expect a Bitcoin (BTC) FOMO after 2020 Halving appeared first on Ethereum World News.
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Binance exchange, even after its fair share of problems, has managed to retain its reputation throughout the cryptoverse. The cryptocurrency exchange recently released a research report that detailed the comeback of fiat-backed stablecoins, in terms of adoption and trading pair usage. It also highlighted the inevitable rise of many stablecoin-related projects that are aimed towards expanding the use-cases […] The post Bitcoin [BTC]: Binance research hints at ‘disruption with trading pairs’ as BTC pairs lose 38.9% market share appeared first on AMBCrypto.
Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, is firmly establishing itself as the top dog in the initial exchange offering [IEO] market. Following the launch of several successful tokens via their launchpad, competing platforms are nowhere in sight. With BitTorrent [BTT] and the Matic Network [MATIC] shooting for the moon, Binance has strengthened its […] The post Binance leads IEO performance as exchange’s Launchpad token sales outpace competing platforms appeared first on AMBCrypto.
There are a lot of big institutional players coming into the industry. With giant firms starting to look to crypto for the future of their business, some big names in the space like Tom Lee and the Winklevoss Twins have started to say that Bitcoin is “digital gold”, a subject that they have all pushed in the past. But now, they agree that it is the right time to actually get involved instead of sitting on the sidelines. Experts in Bitcoin and the founders of Gemini, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss were praised for their achievements in rowing as they competed for the United States in the 2008 Beijing Olympics but perhaps they were better known for the whole fiasco with Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. But earlier this week, Cameron Winklevoss took to Twitter to say: Some people think it's crazy to invest in crypto. Maybe. But definitely not as crazy as sitting on the sidelines when the future of money is literally being built before your eyes. — Cameron Winklevoss (@winklevoss) May 20, 2019 Fundstrat’s Tom Lee has also given his views as he took to Twitter to say: “After a disturbing pullback to ~$6,200, #Bitcoin back  >$8,000 further cementing positive trend intact. As we said a few weeks ago, Consensus 2019 @coindesk was to prove whether crypto winter is over... ...confirmed” Speaking to CNBC’s Markets Now, Lee said that there is plenty of reasons to be optimistic about when it comes to Bitcoin’s current movement. Not all of his predictions are accurate though. He made some predictions last year that claimed the New York Consensus would boost the market but last year’s event wasn’t exactly a highlight for Lee as he predicted BTC would reach $25k by the end of the year as he argued: “Bitcoin doesn’t have to go up every day to move from £8,000 to $25,000. The ten best days account for all the return of Bitcoin in a year. If you don’t own Bitcoin for ten days each year, you lost 25 percent each year.”
Frankly, we were waiting for this reaction for quite a while now, and we’re even surprised that the Monero Outreach needed so much time to respond. We were reporting a while ago that Reuters released a report in which they were mentioning that Monero is a viable alternative to Bitcoin. Reuters addressed the subject Monero … Continue reading "Monero Outreach Reacts To Reuters’ Report On Monero And Claims It Highlighted A Bit Too Much XMR’s “Criminal Use”" The post Monero Outreach Reacts To Reuters’ Report On Monero And Claims It Highlighted A Bit Too Much XMR’s “Criminal Use” appeared first on Oracle Times.
A recent report shared by Binance Research pictured the rise of USD-collateralized stablecoins, along with the downfall of traditional BTC and ETH-denominated pairs. As a result, the largest cryptocurrency exchange re-evaluated the redefined trading environment, with BTC as the base currency for comparing the liquidity of each stablecoin. Apart from the obvious BTC/USDT pair, Paxos [PAX] and USD […] The post Facebook and other non-financial institutions will define future key growth drivers for cryptoverse, claims Binance Research appeared first on AMBCrypto.
He once ran for the US President’s chair from Congress and now, Ron Paul is staying as a critic of the Federal Reserve and Quantitative Easing (QE), which the Fed believes to be a solution to a lot of international problems. In a recent interview with Bitcoin Magazine, Paul said that Bitcoin could be a find substitutions to the US dollar which the Fed has turned into a bubble. The fall of USD Ron Paul and the Libertarian party seem to believe that he was partly provided with the foundation for emerging of decentralised digital coins like Bitcoin. Libertarians stand for freedom in all aspects of life and they are sceptical about full trust in governmental authorities. Paul has been a big critic of the Federal Reserve system for a long time, believing that this US Central Bank is pushing the nation towards some serious economic issues. So what happens is USD does fall? Paul claims that Bitcoin would be a perfect alternative to USD and other fiat currencies back by governments. When he was asked on Bitcoin volatility, he said: “Now, we have the digital currencies and I think they’ll follow the same economic laws, but there is going to be a subjective element to it. You can’t deny that there was some subjectivity when bitcoin hit $20,000. But does that mean it’s worthless? No, I don’t think so — things do that. This is new, so it’s going to have ups and downs.” Paul says that with each new QE (when more money is printed), the dollar loses value and so the fiat is designed to be vulnerable to inflation, according to him. With Bitcoin, he said that since it was created over ten years ago, the currency avoids inflation thanks to each ‘halving’ that it experiences. As reported by “Paul seems to respect the idea of Bitcoin so much, that he even accepted BTC donations for his 2015 US presidential campaign and still does accepts them to fund his political work and that of his son, Rand Paul.”
The University of Tokyo, Toyota and Japanese online renewable energy retailer Trende Inc. plan to jointly conduct tests for a blockchain-powered electricity trading system
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