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About Us

I started and built ChainJunkies in 2018. I had been running a couple of sports (whitewater) websites since 1996, and had already developed some unique services for that niche community. I became interested in Bitcoin in 2013, and have been trying to closely follow all crypto new ever since. I noticed that there are hardly any sources on the Internet where one can follow all crypto news, and what was also missing was a good overview of what all coins actually do. There were some specialist site like, but for many beginners that's already too specifically price-oriented. Beginners often look for more basic info. Early 2018 I got the idea to use my programming experience from my sports sites and use it to build the crypto site I'd been missing.

Our main services are currently the News Watch (categorised in News/Blogs, Audio/Video, Forums and Social media). We track hundreds of crypto sites, and hand pick the best headlines to be featured on our front page.

Based on the News Watch is our Crypto Mood Index, in which we analyse all headlines and posts, and rate for for positive, neutral and negative sentiments. This is a service that was also announced by Reuters, but we had already launched our free Mood Index when they announced it. I don't know the details about this Reuters service, but I assume it will be a paid service. 

Next will be a service in which we can track the mood for all posts related to certain coins, companies, brands and people. We plan to launch this in Spring 2018.

I hope I'll be able to offere a valuable service to the crypto community, and will do my best to keep all services independent. We'll probably have to take some sponsoring money sooner or later, but whenever any content is being sponsored, we'll clearly say so.

Feedback and comments are always welcome - please use the contact form for that.

I hope you'll enjoy ChainJunkies,

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